i dont use a mac...
but this might help...

http://thretris.blogspot.com/2009/12/ho … acosx.html



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nitro2k01 wrote:

Ugh, not WS_FTP LE. It's the descendant of WS_FTP95 that every tutorial ever in the '90s mentioned, so it must be good, right? Use Filezilla instead.

i have heard this so many times over the years.
so it's old? the ftp protocol really hasnt changed.
i like the way it's setup and the options it has. but
that's just my suggestion.

filezilla always freezes up on me. i never had much luck w/ it.
if yew want another suggestion try teracopy


awesome comp/idea!
THEY LIVE is such a great track!


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the psd is just your graphics dev file. you dont need to upload it. but the HTML files, and all the images you slices out (and saved for the was as PNGs i hope) need to be uploaded to the server. also, check the html code for you images/css. if the links are relative (e.g. <img src="myimage.png">) your good to go. but if they are absolute links to your file system (e.g. <img src="file://c:/users/xero/desktop/www/myimage.png">) you need to make them relative before uploading them.

you can use dreamweaver to upload them (you set it up in the ide, here's a video tutorial for that) but i suggest you use a real ftp client. for windows i suggest WS_FTP_LE, it's been around forever and it's free http://www.wsftple.com/.


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i did some more research.
according to multiple forum posts (i know, 100% reliable, right? ;D)
that NES, SNES, and SEGA genesis all use a 9v psu. nes/snes are identical,
and the only difference between them and sega is the adapter that
connects to the console (a little bigger diameter). that is for the genesis 1.
the 2 (and maybe 3) has a different style connector.


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e.s.c. wrote:

Snes and nes use different voltages from what I remember... think its 10v for snes

just googled it, and they seems like the same volts to me.
i've been using them that way since i was a kid.

Input: AC 120V 60Hz
Output: DC 9V 850mA, made for use in North America (US, Canada, etc.). 

input: AC 120V 60Hz
output: DC 9V 850mA, made for use in North America (US, Canada, etc.).


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ne7 wrote:

it could be the voltage regulator has gone bad, try replacing that - or (and I'm not sure as only have original NES + Famicom's here) it could be an internal fuse has blown. before you do anything tho = try an alternative correctly rated PSU on it just in case thats where your problem is. hope that helps! \o_

thanx for the good suggestions. fuse is a real possibility.

as for the psu, i use the same one for my NES + SNES. i just switch the cable. and my SNES is still working like a champ.

yeah, i just emailed neil and oliver.
we'll see how it goes.

i cant think of the particular artist. and it's driving me crazy...
he hand pants cassettes, and records all his only audio. then
he live mixes them with 2 cassette decks that he has ripped open.
he kinda "DJs" by pressing on the tapes and causing playback
errors. his soundscapes are awesome. like an audio collage.
i'll update this post if i think of the name...

8BiT404 wrote:
Rock Kandy wrote:

Nanoloop hoodieS?

read my mind smile

agreed. i was thinking about that last night.
the grid is ok. but i kinda want to do the icons.

SurfaceDragon wrote:

NTRQ is also a great idea!

i will email the respective designers/developers
and see what i can do!

SurfaceDragon wrote:
xero wrote:

i suggested this to johan in my email. but he didnt say anything about it.
it would be a (small) hassle for me to paypal him $ every month/sale, but
i would do it if he wanted.

glad everyone is enjoying these.
that's the whole reason i put them up.

Just put up a link to littlesounddj.com and make a note saying -

"Please, Visit littlesounddj.com and please donate whatever amount of money you can to Johan Kotlinski. Without him none of this would be possible, Thank You Johan!"

(or something, feel free to word this however you want)

actually i already have that on every LSDj item...

LSDJ merch is printed with the permission of it's author: Johan Kotlinski. no commissions are made from these. if you like LSDj please donate! http://www.littlesounddj.com

Stenobot wrote:

Ordered! Thanks for making these.

yer welcome. enjoy!


PianoGameboy wrote:

What kind of process is being used to put the design on the shirts/hoodies?
(DTG, screenprint, plastisol, vinyl?)
After working in a custom t-shirt store for a couple years I've become wayyyy more picky about this stuff than I should be.

i totally agree. the digital heat press from zazzle.com sux!
here's the info on spreadshirts printing techniques
i have all my merch set to flex print.

SurfaceDragon wrote:

Xero - If Johan is OK with you using his LSDJ logo design then I guess you can also feel free to use the pixelated one that I drew up -

(If you want? and I wish you could use 4 colors)

i will experiment with these sometime. not sure how it will work since i can only use 3 colors.
i'll see what i can do. and thanx!


sell all these things with a $3 overhead and give money to Johan. HE DESERVES THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

i suggested this to johan in my email. but he didnt say anything about it.
it would be a (small) hassle for me to paypal him $ every month/sale, but
i would do it if he wanted.

glad everyone is enjoying these.
that's the whole reason i put them up.

Tetrasaurus wrote:

I will absolutely buy one if I can get a purple shirt with a yellow lsdj logo

purple is one of the speciality shirts. it's a bit more expensive.
but i put one up for you if you want.


this is an awesome release! thanx!

Solarbear wrote:

So that's a yes then?
Johan is on board?

that's the exact email he sent me. so i would say yes.
as long as im not making money he doesnt seem to care.

i put up a bunch of color combos for shirts. just pick the
logo color you like and you can change the shirt color to
any of the available ones. and like i said before, i can setup
any color combos you want. enjoy!