Hey guys! Just started up a new project here hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Sievert: Chips, Dips and Facerips. Consequently one of my favorite chip albums in general (please come back Sievert I miss you)


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So I've had this issue with LSDJ for a while. It only plays every other or so snare then makes a small click sound instead of the actual instrument. Any advice? Also yes, they're set to stable


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I'd love to do an NOFX cover, maybe throw some guitar into it too


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Guys, let's just make out own collab and do it right. style


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Ded_Boyz wrote:

Hey if you guys like chip hop then check out my new chip hop project.If your into chip tune and rap you'll def love it


actually pretty rad, really dig the drums


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Not really feelin' it, but I'm sure in time you guys will do great things


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I think we've all now seen that thebasebit recordings is the top of the top for chiptune releases. With Trey Frey's monster refresh, Fvck video games, and now IAYD. They're chiptune goliaths now no doubt


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Loving those leads, very quirky


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Not very likely he'd show up here, especially after calling it quits on unicorn kid. But if I remember he was active on 8bc


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I feel the best criticism for this album, that keep in mind I loved and ordered the physical copy of, was some of the tracks weren't cohesive and that it felt like a bit of a mixed bag of tracks. But overall I thought, even to someone of the chiptune community, the sound design was great. There isn't a whole lot of chiptune trap other than boa constructor and dire hit, and he certainly nailed the sound. Also I always love IAYD's wav channel instruments because they always sounds gritty and heavy. I thought it could have benifitted from having some of the tracks removed or replaced though.


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Alpine wrote:
Monotron wrote:

Video is now private, but by the reactions I'd say I lucked out.

iirc you are, it was an 8bit cover of some pop song from a few years back with the lyrics changed to be about vidya, it was cringy af

Oh god was it the chief wakil one?


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He doesn't play the music during the review because YouTube are copyright Nazis, but he always posts a link to a song sample in the description. I feel it's near impossible for someone who doesn't regularly listen to chiptune to not make a comparison to video games. Although we could have done without the megaman allusion.


(44 replies, posted in General Discussion) IAYD getting some major hype behind him, have you guys listened to the new album? For those who don't know the needledrop is one of the most popular music review channels on YouTube.


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I think it's more because he changed stylistically. His old music was more bouncy cheesy cutesy chipheavy stuff. Then seapunk happened