I am prepared to have my mind blown away at 4pm, this is just too much awesome to comprehend! See you guys tonight big_smile

hellz yeah boii, this is gonna be so crescent fresh!!

Can't wait to see you guys!

I'll put this up on the 8bc, and wooot wooot, this is one hell of a line-up!!!

Regular chip shows in chicago would be so crescent fresh smile Hell we need more midwest chip shows in general..........wait we would need a crowd too..........damn!  Oh and everyone should give more props and support to Short Circuit, Low-Gain is the man for keepin this goin big_smile


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Zombie movies of any sort, no matter how bad and skateboarding, mainly 80's early 90's, I have so many skate vids on good ol vhs that I still watch religiously before I go skate, Old Plan B videos FTW!

Lissajou, you need to come to the midwest!!!!!!


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OMG OMG OMG!!!! Sievert, a large wet spot just appeared in my pants big_smile


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Thanks again guys, alot of hard work, booze, cigarettes and pot did indeed go into this! Oh and just a little hint of cheese in there too smile


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Hope you guys are diggin it and thanks so much for the positive feedback, you guys all rule!!  On a side note, I forgot to mention that there were no cows tipped during the making of this ep, Cheers and next round of beer is on me smile


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See you bible belt bit bros on Sat.  Really psyched for this and bummer about YHA, I'll try to muster up a little something special for guys smile


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Long overdue ep now available to download, all tracks made using nanoloop 2.3
Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think smile

download zip here

listen and download here



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Yes you should smile I had a little delay on things but my track is finished and will be recording it this weekend smile


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Reteris wrote:

This is going to be the best Christian Chiptune Convention EVER!

Dear god no!!!!!  I've played with enough crappy christian straight-edge hardcore core core bands. Keep that bible on your belt cause i'm bringin the hail thrash ultra mega satan dance party! big_smile