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If you really want to get it on a NES cart, focus on learning famitracker. That'll be your best bet.


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If you've never played Act Raiser before it's a personal all-time favorite. Mix between side scroll fighting/platforming and a top-view civilization builder.


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The funny thing about musical experience is in the long run all that really matters is you've created something good, not that you've spent days or years on it



Celebrate the music of twin brothers/DJ duo from Austin, Texas SHY GUYS with an online show/streaming internet party! So many artists are performing, including myself, Indoors, Maxo, and a host of other super talented EDM/VGM/Beat Music artists. This also marks the first release by my label start up DESKPOP, in collaboration with Shelf Space!

Starts 5:30 p.m. EST on http://shelfspacelabel.com/live



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I'll be mastering the album again too smile


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Alpine wrote:

when aren't we as a subclture having a melodromatic existential crisis?


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Arc-Demon wrote:

With that said, does anybody here make chiptune music for the purpose of video games? At CMO, I feel there's a desire to distance the two.

You're right, but I've always embraced it. I've written a couple game soundtracks and I learned how to do chip pretty much to learn how the original guys wrote. So I'm biased and think the link is a good thing. Two schools of thought I suppose


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idk I really like the netscene myself. But I guess I've more been on the edm side of things rather than chip anymore


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Invisible Robot Hands wrote:
sleepytimejesse wrote:


let's play a show sometime

Yo I'm going on tour next month and I'mma be in Ohio on two of the dates. To my knowledge, there's slots open on at least one of those shows.

I am way interested, I'll hit you up tomorrow or Monday to talk, that'd be awesome!


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SketchMan3 wrote:

So bored tonight. Couldn't stop myself from doing this, lol.

Had forgotten how nice mspaint is for boredome




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Wholesome Family Music wrote:
sleepytimejesse wrote:

ohio rprsnt

Amen. We need more chiptuners (sorry couldn't think of a better word) here in Ohio.

Btw I used to live in Youngstown lol


let's play a show sometime


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ohio rprsnt


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So in. People need to hear more of the greatness sunvox can be, really excited this is happening


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Oh man, I'm gonna have to crack this guy open soon