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egr wrote:

No reason to feel bad about making your work known and available.  I can see feeling weird about "OMG my new shit is the fuckin bomb yo, all youse guys are weaksauce!" ... and you should.  smile

I think the difference is between having actual pride in your work versus wanting a free handy.  Accept which side you're on and OWN THAT SHIT.



Both of them are very good, they get stuck in my head smile


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If he isn't into games why release an album on game carts?

+1 Community is non existant here as well sad


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My LSDJ Cursor is really fast, Is this a good thing?

......I can't decode your Username -____-

No.........That is not normal.


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ant1 wrote:

does anyone have "booty tonight" by dj booty blip?



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Frostbyte wrote:

Why the hell would you waste an amiga by chainsawing it for a stupid video?

Even worse, why would you waste more than one amiga?



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xD To the graveyard!


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lolz i'm watching


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Lazerbeat wrote:

I don't think he was being facetious, if it is your first EP the main thing which is going to influence peoples opinions of it, unless you get very lucky of course, is how good it is. If I were you I would write all your tracks, find people to give you constructive criticism and don't release the EP until you are damn sure it is very good. Once you think it is release worthy, wait a couple of weeks without listening to it then see how you feel about it.

If you don;t get the quality bar high then all the subsequent stuff like promotion and layout isn't really that important, especially bearing in mind, with all due respect, you aren't very well known.



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Hey man, I've been waiting for this EP to drop for a while and it's sick! i downloaded it as soon as i heard the first track. I'm very excited to hear more awesome tracks from you smile

Downloaded it big_smile


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These are sick!