… te-politik

1. Eine Revo macht noch keinen Frühling
2. Gute Menschen
3. Idealismus
4. Händewaschen
5. Dorfhäuser in der Wunderwelt
6. Sandalen
7. Einziges Aushalten
8. Erleichterung
9. Dahinterkommendes
10. Kirschenmelodie
11. Zerreißen soll's dich
12. Und mich soll dein kleinstes Stück treffen
13. Korrekte Politik
14. Rojava
15. (bonus)


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Doctor Octoroc wrote:

I've been working on a cover album of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" for about 6 months now. I'm just about finished the tracks and am currently securing the rights to release while getting feedback from friends. The reactions have been great so far (one friend gave it a standing ovation in my living room, haha). Here are the first two tracks (they blend together).

Must have missed the upload on youtube. That's seriously awesome work. I liked the original, but I love your covers. Such clean melodies.

In other news, I'm almost done finishing up my new album "Müntefering", named after a German social democrat who, well... deserves to be criticized. That's what Peter Decker has done and his speeches have become the common theme of my songs.

Here are the sneak peeks (with English subtitles for those not speaking Njemačka, yay!):


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Thank you! heart I love the Pixies to death


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Nevermind being bored, here's my new Bitpunk/Glitchpop album "N"

1. CHAINGED    (vs. Pixies)
2. TROOTH    (vs. Nirvana)
3. GIFE    (vs. Madonna)
4. samskaraNOSYL.xrns    (vs. Sia)
5. NEWBORED    (Muse Rework)
6. CHANDELIAR    (vs. Sia vs. Nirvana)
7. JOICE    (vs. Nirvana)
8. SLOBODANAS    (vs. Beyoncé)
  + bonus medley

pay what you want heart


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I'm back and may be gone forever. This is the album I always tried to produce. Pop melodies and low bass lines, stompy beats with smart breaks here and there, a few bleeps/blops and samples filled with pathos, from Thomas Bernhard to Nirvana.

I have found my style and I'm getting bored with it. I don't know where to go from here but I'm happy how this album turned out. Have a listen and tell me what you think smile

Blörb, der Bär - sмʀt

Smrt is a beautiful word for death
and we're all gonna live someday
so i might as well start dying
no wait - i meant trying

Oh well.

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

I dont know how to feel about the use of politics.

That's more or less what the second song is about. You can hear the used quote with english annotations here:
But I don't agree with Adorno on that 100% and it's not like I'm forcefully trying to make you a communist or anything so I guess it's alright. lol

What software hardware do you use? Im curious on the basses

Renoise and a microKORG. Most of my basses are made with VST instruments or I sampled them from somewhere.

Thanks a lot guys! smile

Workers of the world, download my new album "Confessions of a Socialist" for free at! heart
Also be sure to check out the first music video for this album, I had a lot of fun with it:

And don't forget to unite! smile

»My ideal would be a condition in which all natural resources
would be forever free to all, and the worker
individually able to produce for himself
sufficient for all his vital needs, if he so chose,
so that he needs not govern his working or not working
by the times and seasons of his fellows.

I think that time may come;
but it will only be through the development
of the modes of production
and the taste of the people.

Meanwhile we all cry with one voice for the freedom to try.«

– Voltairine de Cleyre, 1901

Russellian wrote:
bloerb wrote:

So why exactly should one be proud of Germany, Austria or any other country for that matter?

Out of context, this is exactly how I feel about nationalism and/or patriotism in general.

Also, good release.

Thanks! smile

And of course, the goal is to dismantle nationalism and its little sibling patriotism everywhere.

shizcake wrote:

nice ep, thanks!

bloerb wrote:

why exactly should one be proud of Germany, Austria or any other country for that matter?

also, thanks for that!

...du nestbeschmutzer wink that stuff big_smile

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! smile

9-Heart wrote:
bloerb wrote:


No, but I knew that this phrase could easily be misinterpreted. Apparently, so does every other word I post into this forum.

Seriously, why all the hate? I made an EP mocking and criticizing fascism. How would anyone be offended by that?

Mocking and Criticizing Fascism - Good.

But just this one phrases grinds my gear. I'm German and also hate Nazis and/or Fascism. But not Germany itself, why shouldn't i or can't be proud of my country? I'm not proud of the history for sure, but still.

I get that. Of course you can be proud of "your country" but I don't see why you should. If it's not for the history (which is obviously crucial for the present), what else? If the Third Reich wouldn't have been defeated by the allies and then been rebuilt by the very same, you probably wouldn't have such a carefree life. So why exactly should one be proud of Germany, Austria or any other country for that matter?
But I've already stated my views on nationalism earlier on. We might just agree to disagree.

9-Heart wrote:

But people always pointing fingers just in the directions of the German History. Remeber the thing with the Greece People a while back?

I'm not sure what you refer to. But I'm relatively positive that Greece wasn't the scene for an almost successful attempt to wipe out all Jewish and Romani life in Europe. That may be the reason why I'm not pointing at Greek history in such a manner.

9-Heart wrote:

So, if you just had wrote:
"Nie wieder Faschismus."

That would be way better and also implied your messages more deeply. But it just seems you wanted to create some reaction.

Well, most of the reactions (outside of this thread) were positive. I know dozens of people, mostly from Germany and Austria, which have no problem with that phrase. It's not like I'm the first one to use it. But of course I also wanna be provocative to some extent. It's not like I'm happy with the world it is now.

I added "Nie wieder Faschismus" to the description on bandcamp btw as it really should've been there all along. But it doesn't affect the validity of "Nie wieder Deutschland" in any way.

Holy Konni wrote:
bloerb wrote:

Nie wieder Deutschland.

Austria wasn't much better.

And this conflicts with what part I wrote exactly? Austria was part of Germany from 1938-45. Four years before the "Anschluß" (which was highly appreciated by the vast majority of Austria) the austrofascist movement had already taken power. Austria wasn't better at all.

Three out of five songs on the EP that contain speech samples deal with the Anschluß or Austrian Nazis. Of course you couldn't know that because you didn't read my postings, listened to the songs or read the lyrics.

9-Heart wrote:
bloerb wrote:

Thanks for your comment, I was hoping someone would pick that up. :>

Oh, so you just wanted to get somebody mad about it?

No, but I knew that this phrase could easily be misinterpreted. Apparently, so does every other word I post into this forum.

Seriously, why all the hate? I made an EP mocking and criticizing fascism. How would anyone be offended by that?

otakumode wrote:

Yeah, what we need is to constantly remind ourselves of what happened in Germany 70 years ago and close our eyes from what's happening right now in countries like Palestine or Tibet...

It seems my previous posting didn't make it all clear (I gotta ask: did you even read it?). "Nazi-Germany should not set the benchmark" were my exact words, meaning that we should have much higher standards by now. My intention is to point out that the same mechanisms and ideologies that led to Auschwitz are still present all over the world. That's - you guessed right - happening right now. In no way does this mean you should ignore issues that are (seemingly) unrelated to the Nazis.

The current situation in Tibet in fact really is more or less unrelated and by itself an interesting topic (although the Nazis fancied with Iran/India/Tibet, because they thought the "Aryan race" originated in that area).

When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict though, blinding out the antisemitism Germany exported to Arab countries is foolish. Furthermore, we don't know if there even would be a state of Israel if the holocaust never happened. But then again, the whole world would be completely different.

otakumode wrote:

Haha, you act like you want to make people 'aware' of something, but actually you're just a bad musician who takes advantage of a sad historical event just to make your release more interesting.

I'll give you that. But still, compared to all those polished Hollywood movies, those forced sad faces of politicians and the hords of people that visit Auschwitz for their excitement like it's Disneyland, I think I'm okay.

9-Heart wrote:
bloerb wrote:

Nie wieder Deutschland.

Thanks bloerb.
Really great start for my day. Talking about Hate, but you apperantly Hate also.
Nie wieder Nazi-Deutschland would be a better sentence, but it's said.

Thanks for your comment, I was hoping someone would pick that up. :>

I definitely hate nobody just because he or she was born in Germany or any other country whatsoever. I simply don't like nationalism and well, Germany perfected nationalism and chauvinism long before the Nazis came to power. It may seem unlikely that the Germany of today will start another World War any time soon but there are still a lot of people out there who would like to see german hegenomy in Europe. And that frightens me.

Growing up in Austria I've heard a lot of excuses for what has happened 70 years ago. Those obviously never satisfied me but instead they showed to me that neither Germany nor Austria have thoroughly dealt with their past, despite all the memorials and big speeches. The fourth highest representative of the Austrian government still refers to himself as an "ethnic" or "cultural german", his party will probably win over 20% in the election this fall.

So no, I don't think "Nie wieder Nazi-Deutschland" would be a better sentence, as it is completely obvious that this may never happen again. "Nie wieder Deutschland" means to me that nothing that bears even the slightest resemblance to what occured may ever happen again. And sadly enough, some things DID happen again (google tip: Rostock-Lichtenhagen). Nazi-Germany should not set the benchmark, anti-semitism does not begin with the slaughter of millions of Jews.

I hope I could make that clear, thanks again for your input. smile

My new EP. You can get it at for free.

Also, in case you missed it - I made a video for one of the songs on this EP not too long ago:

On January 27, 1945 the Red Army liberated Auschwitz-Birkenau, where over one million people were murdered in an attempt to eradicate so-called Jews, Homosexuals, Roma and Sinti as well as any other human being that didn't fit into the Nazis' dream of a "german nation".

Today, 68 years later, we should not only commemorate those who lost their lives in this unique act of barbarism but also remind ourselves that the elements of hate - which were neatly perfected by the Nazis and those who (not-so-blindly) followed them - still exist and even play a major role in this our capitalist society. We have no reason to believe that Opportunists and Sadists will never again join forces to inflict their love of death upon the world. By ignoring that we become Culprits ourselves.

But more than everything we are obliged to celebrate every life that has been saved by the few people who stood up against fascism inside germany and the many people from outside of germany that prevented the barbarians' dream to come true.

Yet antisemitism, antiziganism and homophobia are nowhere near of becoming a thing of the past and this we cannot take too seriously. Declaring our solidarity is the very least we can do. But more importantly, when reactionaries once again begin to sing "Deutschland über alles" (both literally and metaphorically) we must stand up and just tell them to shut up.

Nie wieder Deutschland.

heart L'chaim! – !םייחל heart

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!