No offense taken. Although I have to say I did a bit more than just filtering it and technically IT IS "a video". wink

The drum samples are from different sources - Amen (snare and crash), Deadmau5 XFER (kick and hihat) and others I got from various songs by "Der Tante Renate" (my favorite electro artist). Oh and there's that cabinet simulator as well as some other effects.


Wow, thank you guys! I really didn't expect that much positive reaction for something I put together in a few hours. big_smile

Hey everyone! I just finished my first music video and put it on YouTube. smile It's for a song that's also fairly new (actually I made both in just one day/night) so I can't really say if the final mix came out alright (plus I got a new sound card tongue). I somehow simply had the urge to do this and get it out there. Usually, it takes months for me to actually finish my songs and finally release them.

The scenes in the video are from the movie "Waltzes from Vienna" by Alfred Hitchcock if anyone's interested. 1934 sure was a great time to release sentimental films about Vienna, with the rise of fascism and all. roll

Anyway, you also find the song on SoundCloud and in the music section. Let me know what you think.


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Not necessarily. It could also mean that nowadays you don't really have to be a genius to produce groundbreaking music. Or, since I only wrote it "could be the twelve-tone technique OF OUR GENERATION", maybe our generation simply sucks. On the other hand... Arnold Schoenberg's generation was responsible for the holocaust, so I'm not entirely sure and certainly don't hope we'll beat that.

Anyways. As much as I love chatting about Critical Theory and twelve-tone technique... Does anyone wanna share some thoughts about my album? lol


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He definitely would have had some interesting things to say about electronical music in general, not only aesthetically but also from a marxist-sociological point of view. Sometimes when I listen to some radical breakcore I like to think that this could be the twelve-tone technique of our generation. big_smile


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Haha, I certainly didn't expect a response to that term so soon. Still have to look into Marcuse some more. On the album I only used some recordings from Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer. Let me know what you think. smile


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Hi everybody! It has been a while but I finally finished my second album "DAS GANZE" (~"The Whole"). If you like melodic Electropunk and Breakcore mixed with 8-bit sounds, classical instruments and Critical Theory (look it up) you might enjoy it. If not, at least give it a try. smile

It's available at for free!

I guess I've improved a lot over the last months, but I'd still appreciate some CC. heart


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Thanks for your comment. I'm not satisfied with the drums in Iron Irony either. About the length: No, it has no "deeper meaning", I just like to play around with such details (see my first album, valjeta). wink Also, I made those five songs over a very short period, with similar approaches, same bpm etc. so it was more or less obvious to me to make them the same lengh too. tongue


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So, I released this EP, I don't know why exactly. But I'd love a little CC if you could spare some. heart


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Sorry for my late response. I'm happy you like it, but as I wrote in the inital posting this was my first album. I did release an EP yesterday though (it's on Bandcamp) and I'll probably have another album ready in a few months. Also, I'm on SoundCloud, you may find some older songs there:


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Hey everybody. I'm new around here, so be gentle. wink

About six months ago I started using Renoise and I guess i fell in love with it. It was quite a productive time we had. So I decided to release my first official album featuring 16 (+1) songs out of over 50 finished and unfinished tracks on my hard drive.

The outcome is something between fakebit, chipbreak, electropunk and tripping on mushrooms. I call it Progressive Experimental Bitcore.

You'll find it here on Bandcamp. At least it's free. heart

Let me know what you think! tongue