Sounds cool man


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Cool album, keep it up!

-Later you guys


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Hey had these laying around felt like I should post them. Sorry for scratching out the midi in on the second diagram, everything should still work accordingly.


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Relistened too this
Thanks eveyone


Don't fret my man,
I also ordered some digikey caps too
lets see what we end up with

[sarcasm] 'Bet i can finish mine faster then your's' [/sarcasm]

Don't worry about how the wires get there or if their sharing the same source for power or ground. Circuits are simple but have alot of complex components. We're not dealing with too much major here you should be fine as long as none of the wiring is shorting.

I'm thinking you have to replace the prepot caps with the ones mentioned originally to get the extra bass boost; no?

gonna try this in the future

Thank you so much for reupload

anyone have any comparisons normal vs bass amp'd?


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VCR5 wrote:
Orgia Mode wrote:

big_smile But aside from that, I don't see how anything could be tampered with to "bend" a ps2 without having it crash on you.

While its not technically bending the circuitry theres alot of fun trigger stuff that can be done with controllers especially DDR pads, but i think that goes for any system not just PS2

Absolutely right, tons of mod for any sort of controllers are possible

Dig in big_smile


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Here's the rest




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Alright it's been years,
Cats out of the bag here's a sneek peak

PunBB bbcode test


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THanks my swedish friend

I traded my sisters original silver sp for more old gamer gear hmm
Feel bad, alright deal though


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turns out I just put a little too much vinyl dye on my ems cart XD



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Haven't been able to find one recently.
Anyone have any reliable carts or nanoloops for dmg?