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Better late than never! Preschtale now is available on YouTube with pixel animation by Valenberg.

Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … D5EEE6B22A


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SOUNDSHOCK is back to conclude the FM FUNK trilogy. FM FUNK NIRVANA!! brings you 16 new tracks by 19 uniquely talented musicians, from four different continents, using an arsenal of 17 different hardware and software FM synthesizers.

Although this release marks the end of the series, our hope is that we’ve inspired listeners and musicians enough to carry our message further, and to keep reinventing FM funk for decades to come! "That is", in the words of Tsuyoshi Shimokura, "not a sad thing." No indeed; rather, we believe this calls for celebration: let’s get it started!

Read more about SOUNDSHOCK 3 in our blog.




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Still Flying is the first album that started it all. It was written during 2002 on a real ZX Spectrum in Pro Tracker 3 music editor. The album tagline is "lyric music novels".

About 1,5 years later it was also released as an executable ZX musicdisk. Coded by Vortex, graphics by Schafft and packed by Poisoned CyberJack.


"My Mind is Free" was originally written for CAFe 2002 demoparty and released as "My mind free" due to lack of language knowledge. It was included in the album right after the competition. "My Mind is Free" reached 13th place in ZX Spectrum AY Music compo.


"Lonely Soul" wasn't originally included in the album, but it was written during the same period of time and shares the style and direction as the rest of the album. It also participated in Paradox 2002 demoparty, where it took 2nd place in ZX Spectrum AY Music compo.


Bandcamp: http://c-jeff.com/album/still-flying

The Blossoming Years is an album by MmcM, who is one of the most prominent musicians to come out of the Russian ZX Spectrum demoscene. A compilation of 18 tracks from 1999-2001 shows the musician at the peak of creative powers and easily explains the cult following that he enjoys in the homeland.

The executable version of the album is made for an ultimate listening experience on a 48K ZX Spectrum with an AY8912 add-on or on any classic model with 128K of RAM. Some popular Russian-made clones are also supported.


Google Play




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Almost a year passed since I released Big Steel Wheels, so it is completely FREE from now on. Enjoy!



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In case you missed the give away of Big Steel Wheels and still want it, check Groupees's bundle, just $1 or more!



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Domu wrote:

just pay the man you cunts. awesome release c-jeff!

Hahaha, man. Thanks!


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Names wrote:

Uff, did I missed the give away? I want a code, if possible...

It is over, but whatever, check your PM.


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Anyone here wants a download code for Big Steel Wheels? I have a few, let me know if you want.

So, I gave 40 download codes for Big Steel Wheels in total. I think, it is enough.


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Hey guys,

Having habitually kept almost all of my sketches and takes throughout the creation process, I decided to combine the most notable ones into a series of The Untold Preschtales (thanks to elhuesudoii for the title). So, let's start with “Preschtale, Part 4”!

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/c-jeff/preschtal … 4-outtakes
Tumblr: http://c-jeff.tumblr.com/post/775140944 … ale-part-4


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Aly James wrote:

Great stuff!
by the way, FMDrive is on your way... wink

Thanks, Aly! Looking forward to it!


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Puke_Flytalker wrote:

dude i listened to this on bandcamp and it is amazing.. i have no problem dropping the 7 bucks in the future to own this.. im just wondeirng if there will be a cd pressed bc that will motivate me more to buy it and i dont mind speengin something like 10-13 bucks for this release it is amazing the song black lock if effin dope

Thanks, man! I really hope I can deliver some cd/merch in future, but honestly, I really don't know how soon it will be available. It might take a while. I made a request for some great merch-company, but got no response from them, so I guess they're not interested. But, definitely, as soon as I'll have something, I'll share the news about it.


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Thank you, guys!

UPD: The album now is available on Loudr via http://www.loudr.fm/release/big-steel-wheels/FHDKb


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ALRIGHT! Welcome to Big Steel Wheels — a fictional action music adventure, inspired by works of Vince DiCola, action movies, rock and metal music, chiptunes and the legacy of '80s.

A number of special guests are also featured, including: Stemage, Danimal Cannon and Raz Ben Ari on guitars; Jeff Ball on viola; Alexander Brandon, Disasterpeace, George "norg" Nowik and Lamont Bellsarios as voice actors. Big Steel Wheels is mixed and mastered by Megus.

"Big Steel Wheels" on Ubiktune:
http://ubiktune.com/releases/ubi072-c-j … eel-wheels

Enjoy and share with your friends! smile






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Hello everybody! I'm excited to announce the release of my new album Big Steel Wheels — a fictional action music journey through heavy electronic progressive riffs and melancholy vibes!

Big Steel Wheels was inspired by film scores from the '80s, particularly those of Rocky IV and The Transformers: The Movie by composer and performer Vince DiCola. The album consists of 13 tracks containing about 55 minutes of music.

A number of special guests are also featured, including: Stemage, Danimal Cannon and Raz Ben Ari on guitars; Jeff Ball on viola; Alexander Brandon, Disasterpeace, George "norg" Nowik and Lamont Bellsarios as voice actors. Big Steel Wheels is mixed and mastered by Megus.

Set for release on November 14, 2013, an advance listening party will take place on the Noise Channel show of Arecibo Radio where listeners can tune in and hear the album in its entirety as well as submit their questions to me and TrueStar.

Join the official event on Facebook to stay in touch:

Read more:
http://ubiktune.com/news/2013/c-jeff-to … ember-14th

Meanwhile, the first track off of Big Steel Wheels titled "Black Lock" is available on our SoundCloud. The track has a guitar appearance by Stemage:

Video teaser produced by Shamoozal.


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1. The Beckoning Enslaved
2. Pillars of Creation
3. Merciless
4. Dimension-Reversing Dualities
5. The Great Void (Perihelion)
6. The Chaotic Vastness (Aphelion)
7. VikingGuitar - Dimension-Reversing Dualities (Reprise)

"Diad" will guide you through the spiritual graveyard, transcending both time and space. Set in the 1930s, Dimension-Reversing Dualities takes you on a journey within the life of a depressed suicidal housewife and the outcome of her untimely death.


Diad is a duo of Heosphoros and Tadpole.

Heophoros aka François Martin is from Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada. He is already known for his parts in Ubiktune compilation albums, such as “Up” and “Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes”. Being a fan of various genres, he focuses on progressive and metal elements in his compositions. Heosphoros has been composing NES music for over 8 years for now and “Diad” is his third album effort, continuing the path of previously released original “Embered Recollections” and collection of covers on “Beneath The Skin”.

Tadpole is Joel Barker, from Bellevue, Washington, USA. He has been composing chipmusic over the last 10 years. Known for his trademark clear, relaxing and very detailed sound, Tadpole was able to branch out and unite it with shaking metal-inspired elements, provided by Heosphoros. This project is his first dedicated-album release to date.


Composed by Tadpole and Heosphoros

Cover art by KeFF (Ville Konttine)

"Dimension-Reversing Dualities (Reprise)" performed by VikingGuitar (Erik Peabody)


(Free Download from Ubiktune, NSF & FTM originals are available)

(Name your price)