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Thanks for the replies guys! This was a lot of fun I personally helped on a few of these tracks, and AWESOMECAT/Parallelis make great additions to any compilation.
I'm putting together mixtapes roughly every other month I'll be putting up more on bandcamp cus the last one didn't make it on there, and featured some really rad tracks as well, maybe I'll retroactively add those.
Keep you guys updated, and if you'd like to add to future mixtapes you can join my mailing list by emailing me at [email protected]



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Celebrate this day no matter how you feel with these (mostly) neutral songs put on by your friends!:
Featuring trip hop, step, hardstyle, chippop, glitterpop, chip hop, and SO MUCH MORE.

Dr. Treble
new artist Turnstyle Robots
new artist Staryo (S-senpai Onepai)
and new artist (and sideproject of Mylifeispixels) Flying Locust

reddit post
NoiChan Post


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herr_prof wrote:

the smell rocks. Also Im in Orange County now.

I'm in OC too! Rep!
I'm puttin together a small-time busking sesh next week sometime, but actually probably going to be at UCSD it looks like. Lemme know if you guys are interested :3

Pieces of Eight wrote:

We should do this again next year, with an even longer title.

But name it;

It's Never Too Late For A Christmas Album Part Two Electric Boogaloo:  The Christmas Album (And This Time, It's Personal)

You're on. Except you're forgetting about one thing:

It's Never Too Late For A Christmas Album Part Two Electric Boogaloo:  The Christmas in July Album (And This Time, It's Personal)

Also! So far the only purchases were during the first couple days' sales! It's Never too Late to purchase It's never too early for a christmas album, the christmas album! Check it out guys!


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Is this what happens when it finally clicks?



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just like it was so campy and childish BUT AT THE SAME TIME SO HAUNTING AND CREEPY

Doxic wrote:
Jake Allison wrote:

Why stop at 4? 0____0

Baby steps man...

Baby steps

jump straight into 200 tabs like a real man


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@Laffe The Fox.
All the feels and memories of this game haunting me when I was five. This song is literally the cause of my first memorable nightmares and the beginning of my obsession of zombies. LOVE IT.


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so far, no
at least as paypal would have me believe


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Pieces of Eight wrote:


do you know how to edit ucollective posts cus i didn't know you couldn't use BBCode :X


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SketchMan3 wrote:
Downstate wrote:

i saw one of them 'rapper' has wrote this on the youtube video

"Serious credit to Sabrepulse is due. I hadn't heard the original track "Arcaine" until literally 5 minutes ago (+ im sorry it took me this long to hear him, he's really fuckin good + seems to be known as a pioneer). I apologize + would like to do whatever necessary to fix the situation. Mod Sun."

MODSUN 3 hours ago 2

Ah. We forget that rappers don't make their own beats.

Lol, I'm really wondering who made the track for them in this case


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http://www.noisechannel.org/topic/its-n … tmas-album

http://ucollective.org/forums/releases/ … .php?id=14


TeenArts wrote:

Aw, you guys are the nicest! I'm pumped you like my track!

Normally I just do songs by myself with guitar/DMG, but this time I went all out with a full band thing. Guitars and bass were done by my buddies and I did the drums/DMG/other stuff.

I'm stoked to go listen to this!

It worked I almost cried the first time cus I love that song and all the feels of everything beautiful about the track came through big_smile


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Officially released! Added urls to songs "about" feature lemme know if its missing anything else! big_smile

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/8963/ … mas-album/

http://www.reddit.com/r/chiptunes/comme … _an_early/

Gimme other places to post to if you'd like! post it yourself! spread it around! like your favorite VD!

So about a month ago I posted about wanting to make an early Christmas Album, something to listen to as the season draws near.
Then some real weird part of me thought it would be cool to set the release date today!

Treble Child Collaborations would like to present to you:
"It's Never Too Early For a Christmas Album, The Christmas Album"

Listen to it!

Track List:

1.Jansaw - Snowfall (Original Christmas Track!) 04:25   
2.Pieces of Eight - Adeste Fideles 03:12   
3.Jake Allison - Jingle Bells 03:52   
4.Doxic - Crazy Old Saint Nick's Drunken Joyride 02:17   
5.Avi Brown - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an 8-Bit Fire) 01:33   
6.MyLifeIsPixels - Carol of da Bellz 04:11   
7.Memlük - O Come O Come Emmanuel 01:56   
8.Dr. Treble - Feliz Navidad 8Bit5LifeMix 02:59   
9.Strong Suit - Silent Night 03:12
10.Laffe the Fox - Gillwing's Christmas (Christmas NiGHTS Cover) 03:01
11.Auxcide - Oh Holy Shi- 02:45
12.Teen Arts And Friends - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 03:05

"All of it is worthy of a Santa chuckle of approval"

Honestly this is an altogether fantastic album, sporting everything from fakebit, chip punk, to snes tracking and lo-fi. There's beauty and there's some sick jams,  and everything in between. It was really fun working with all of these folks and hope you all can enjoy the Christmas feels during the next month and 25 days before Christmas!

Also: Any purchases of the album, the proceeds will go towards Toys for Tots and Salvation Army!

Noichan Release

uCollective Release

Reddit Release

Official Bandcamp of Treble Child Collaborations


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SKGB wrote:
an0va wrote:

did you seriously just release a split compo featuring yourself with yourself


hey wait a second