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That sure is a weird condition, so are you more like Matt Murdock or Daredevil?


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Hey man what's up


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Next month I'm hitting the road with my smelly pirate hooker friends The Dread Crew Of Oddwood!  I'm behind the kit the whole time, but I'll be pulling double duty at a number of shows, namely:

8/11 - San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge
8/12 - Portland, OR - Dante's
8/13 - Vancouver, BC - The Hindenburg
8/28 - Chicago, IL- Red Line Tap
9/02 - Baltimore, MD - Sidebar
9/03 - Boston, MA - Church
9/23 - Denver, CO - 7th Circle

Rumour has it there's a Philly show in the works too, I hope to see and party with as many of you as I can!!



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Finally I can rest

On Adam's couch, in Poland



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This is a thread for me to post this, thanks in advance: http://rainbowdragoneyes.bandcamp.com/t … eyes-remix


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AUGUST IS COOL! w/ Nekrogoblikon, Swashbuckle, Rainbowdragoneyes

It's gonna be even cooler being the only chiptune guy on this tour, and trying to win over Metalheads for 2 weeks:

8.05 | Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
8.06 | New York, NY @ Webster Hall / Studio
8.07 | Providence, RI @ Simon's 677
8.09 | Montréal, QC @ Katakombes (Heavy MTL afterparty)
8.10 | Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
8.11 | Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's
8.13 | Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen*
8.14 | Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom*
8.15 | Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose*
8.16 | Springfield, VA @ Empire
8.17 | Long Island, NY @ Amityville Music Hall

*No Swashbuckle

Oh and in case you didn't know I also play drums for Swashbuckle.

Mention this post, to me, right now, and I can likely get [at least] 1 guest list spot for each show.

Hope to see lots of you guys and your naked boobs!


and, YOU


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I want to thank everyone on this forum for contributing as I enjoy the wealth of music and information available to me and all 40 of my great-grandchildren.

Many of you I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and getting to know personally, for which I am eternally grateful. It is you that got me started in this scene and therefore you to blame for me never wanting to leave. To the rest of you, I hope we get to party in the near future.

I'll have a new album ready in the next 2 months, I hope you will enjoy it. It's been a long, hard, windy, veiny, throbbing road but I'm getting my shit together and I'm happy to be creating again and I'm super pumped to finally let people hear these songs.

! Thank you and I'll see you at PAX E. 2014 !

All Hail The Mustache wrote:

And this Ladies and Gents is the Chipmusic.org forum community, what a shame, but everyone is entitled to their opinions i guess.

Hey don't sweat it champ. We're all nerds who are all smart and socially awkward to some degree, there's a lot of us here and we definitely all have our own opinions. If you stick around long enough you'll begin to learn which ones are worth listening to and which ones are worth ignoring. We're a pretty closely-knit community once you get to know us and also when you have completed the blood sacrifice ritual. I can also guarantee that if you stick around long enough we'll end up on the same bill together someday, somewhere, so there's that to look forward to.

Cheers n shit


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Haul your ass out of the way as fuck to Denver and I will book you a shitty show where we will make few friends and get paid very little. Then we'll go back to my place, you'll sleep on the couch in my studio and I'll wake you up with breakfast in bed heart

Then you have to get the fuck out and never come back

Music's not bad, even with an awful name like that and an awful start on these awful forums. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chiptune!

Where are you from and do you play live shows A.H.T.M. ?


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Anyone ever heard of this guy? Thought it was neat and wanted to share it with y'all:

https://apathiarecords.bandcamp.com/alb … cocollider

Also I'm happy to officially be the first to type the word " Blastbit " into this forum. . . . Wish I had thought of it instead of Pryapisme, but I'll take what I can get.



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Hey guys!

I'm looking into solutions for hooking up multiple retro systems to the same TV. Right now I found this: http://www.cablewholesale.com/specs/40x3-30600.php

It looks familiar, I may have even owned one years ago. Ideally I'd like to hook up 4 or 5 things at once with a switcher.

Any of you nerds got any recommendations? I figured one a yall would be doing the same thing......