when u know the batteries are about to shit while on stage so u set the gameboy down slowly to try to finish the song but that "last drop" is what kills the batteries...think this has happened to all of us at this point lol


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well I had a AWESOME time doing the b4by f4c3 project but it's now time to call it quits and move onto other things.
will still be writing music but not in the same style nor under the same name. enjoy my farewell album, it personally has been my
favorite out of the 15+ I've ever wrote [chiptune that is] & I figured I started using nanoloop so I'd go out doing a all nano album...thank you everyone that booked me during this project and supported it and myself
I hope to see you all in the recent future with my new project i'm focusing more time on & VJing.
Thank you & Enjoy! heart

Download/Listen or Watch video for full album Here

-for random updates on my new project go here


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soo good, can not wait for the full release!! heart

I'm down


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J3wel wrote:

I wanted to do that but it's easier to do it afterwards otherwise I'd have to make an option for every single size

How are you going to go about getting sizes from everyone? also great choice in black, many have been making shirts but they're not appealing...not being black and all :3


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backed it wink
odd how it doesnt give u size options


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where is the link to kickstarter/place to buy one?

been looping since you showed me this (yesterday).
great to listen to my phone while going on night strolls

So I recently got a GP2X and it came with firmware 3.0 & after using it for awhile the screen started to glitch so i figured it way something on the SD (but really it was low battery, I didn't know how much it eats them) so i formatted it and attempted to put the same firmware on it and it would update then the boot screen came on and it just freezes from there....after awhile of that I tried a few other versions and it would get past boot screen and say "Patch Error." So (for some reason) I thought I should clean my PC and after re-downloading the firmware its right back to being stuck on the boot screen...Could this possibly be from something wrong with the SD I'm using (I'm using SD not SDHC)?
Any help will be much appreciated cuz I've been talking to e.s.c about this all morning and we cant figure out what the issue could be.


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thread is exactly what it says in the title, looking for a video out for my GP2X F100
I asked around to a few friends and realized this will most likely take some time to find.
So if ANYONE has one they would like to sell please let me know!

Thank you ahead of time!


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New album & other goodies along with it are out now,
Download/Listen Here


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hell yes! been waiting for this for some time now!! great work heart

yea if you figure it out please let us know, I really dislike the PCB idea

I'm always down for a compilation

here is the documentation in English encase you don't feel like translating
http://www.mediafire.com/view/9wn2q7k4l … n_ENG.docx