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I've done quite a few of these, & they all had some pressure on the screen, some worse than others.  Sometimes, dark spots can be seen in the corners of the screen.  Maybe the new ones fit a little better now like JOHN RISELVATO said???  I even got 1 or 2 that were manufactured backwards for some strange reason, in that the wires were sticking down into the plastic holder instead of up over it.  I had to trim the middle of the plastic holder down with some wire cutters so the wires could sit in there with the backlight all the way down.

Unfortunately, the case will always bulge out a little.  It can't really be helped.  You could try using some digitizer tape on the sides of the plastic screen protector to hold it down.  That stuff is really strong.  And like others mentioned, try not screwing in certain screws near the screen too tight.  Even on the motherboard too.  Leaving some of them loose might help a little, though probably not completely.


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Chocolate milk!!!

Ooooooo, that looks nice.


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Holy crap!!!  sleazebay just got a lot richer.

Yo nitro, you're freaken amazing man.  I wish I had skills like you.


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katsumbhong wrote:
Geoffrey wrote:

Does the card have to be 64m+?

Purchase the ROM license. Go to Kitch-Bent's website and purchase a 64m EMS Cart and email him a screenshot of your donation and BAM!!!!!



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Yes, they are definitely completely automated.  It's even worse when ebay is involved.  Definitely get a live person to fix it for you.

sxe_weekend wrote:

I would list it on eBay but I quit using eBay when I was randomly chosen as someone who doesn't receive the paypal funds until a buyer leaves positive feedback even though I have over 200+ 100% feedback mostly as a seller.  That combined with their ever rising fees keeps me away...

ebay is the absolute worst, greediest, unfair corporate scum on the planet earth.  I hate ebay with all my guts.  Words can't even begin to describe how unfair & greedy they are.  They are completely unfair to sellers in so many ways, but you already know that.  It's great to see that people here help support you.

Jazzmarazz wrote:

I can't believe others listen to this shit too. I thought I was crazy.

You certainly ain't the only one.  tongue

Making vocaloid music is one of my main goals for the future.  I'd love to have chiptune / vocaloid music as well.  I gotta learn how to make good music first though.  hmm  As others have said, there are plenty of vocaloid songs out there with chiptune sounds in them, though they're not quite the whole song.  It's at least a step in that direction though.  As a small example of that, here's an old favorite of mine:

Gumi - Endless

Yeah, some of them are like that.  I guess they got more modern with it.  I wonder what it looks like under the blob of, whatever that stuff is???


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If you can put together some money, do yourself good & get the real deal.


Once you get the drivers working for this, all your problems will go away.


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simonhpieman wrote:

I think this is going to require a picture...

^^^ this ^^^

I have the black clear one too.  Yours is the USB 64MB cartridge, yes???  It is a serious pain trying to get them drivers to work.  I can only use it with the stupid signature enforcement turned off.  The program sees the cartridge only then.  Try looking for the driver in as many places as you can.  Maybe there's a 32bit version???  The cartridge should be fine, I think.  Maybe even try a different cable???

Well, it's nice to see that this is actually starting to have some positive results.  I would've never thought this would happen.  Usually the person would just disappear & come back under a different name & do it again.

nonfinite wrote:

Hey everybody, just thought I'd give you a heads up.  Nonelec is now happy to offer bitcoin as a primary method of payment for whatever you may need from the shop.  We're taking payments through BIPS, which is a very straightforward system for processing payments, and should be just as quick, if not quicker, than conventional credit card or paypal.

Thanks for your time and continued patronage!


It's great to see that you accept bitcoin now.  I wonder if more people will do the same???  I see it slowly starting to be accepted more as time goes by, that's awesome.  Be sure to include the option in the currencies dropdown list (I don't see it in there).  Also, you should put an icon of it, or a message or something, up in the corner of your front page, or anywhere, to really let people know that you accept it.

So china says they're against it, & the whole world stumbles.  Wonderful.


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Try these drivers.  Specifically the ones labeled "modded".  They should be for 64bit machines if I remember right.  I don't know if they'll help you or not, but it's at least worth a try.

EMS Link Drivers