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Still available.

They're up on ebay, but you can get them cheaper here.  Member's only discount.  wink

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Ninten … 3f2b4e0eb8

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Ninten … 3f2b4e15c4

BTW, one thing I learned.  Do NOT put any form of the word "mod" in your ebay ads.  ebay's bots will quickly come to their rescue by deleting your ads, accusing you of copyright violations by having devices with mod chips that promote unauthorized blah blah blah, & threatening you with account suspension no questions asked.  I really hate ebay.

So yeah.  Cheaper here.


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Vile wrote:

My older stuff used tons of samples, but its not like you could pick out a track in a song and know what it was from. I was always told that you were allowed 3 sec of sampling from a musician friend of mine. Don't have a clue if that's true or not but I never wanted to test it. Copyright laws aren't so cut and dry either. If you've ever tried to look into them to see where you might be pushing it the lines you'll notice that they tend to be vague or overlap. Most of the times I've noticed record labels are more interested in people downloading illegally then for copyright issues. Best rule of thumb I always went by was to 1. Never sell a song that I used a sample in, ever.  2. Give credit to the artist you used. Even artist such as Daft Punk have every song they used for samples or remixing listed on their albums. If you give credit to the artist you tend to find yourself in a loophole that DJs tend to get by with. If someone knows where that track is from then they can find the original and possibly buy it, so in a sense you're helping to promote said artist.

Excellent words of wisdom right there.


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Don't do what timbaland did.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timbaland … ontroversy

Awesome!!!  Can't wait for your new album.

Cool sounds.  Cool people.  And inexpensive too.  : P

It's hard to smooth out the WAV channel.  Definitely keep it on manual so that you're only working with one frame.  Also, don't know if you've noticed it or not yet, but some of the horrible popping & clicking will disappear if there are other things playing at the same time.  For instance, the clicking that comes from stereo panning left & right will be somewhat diminished if there is another channel playing music at the same time.


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Thanks for the offer, but I'm actually not looking for trades.  I'd just like to sell these & get them off my hands.

Something like Audacity should work fine.  It sounds like the problem is somewhere in your setup, not with the software.  Make sure you have a good, tight connection with the wire.  If you're using the headphone jack for recording, the recorded sound will be very low in volume because there is nothing to amplify the signal.  In that case, you'd have to use some kind of program, like Audacity, to raise the volume of the recorded sound.  It's better to plug into a mixer 1st, or some kind of amplifier, & then plug into your recording computer from there.

Don't overlook the most simple of things: make sure the volume on the Gameboy is raised all the way up.  tongue  And mentioning that, make sure whatever volume you have the knob at isn't cutting out.  These devices are old, & the volume potentiometer on many of them have dead spots & areas that cause static.  Feel free to look here concerning that issue:
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/12200 … is-repair/

Echos???  Make sure that any microphone device on your computer is turned off while you're recording, just in case.  Check for that in volume settings & audio settings.

Oh wow, they're really cool.  Thanks for bringing them to attention.  big_smile


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Both still available.

$70 for one, $130 for both.

$85 USD for one, $150 USD for both.

That's some really cool stuff you got there.  ^_^

Holy crap, she did some awesome stuff.


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Man, I really like that.  Awesome music, & awesome graphics to go with it.  Nice!!!  big_smile big_smile big_smile

Try this:  Reboot windows.  Before windows starts loading up, keep on pressing the F8 button repeatedly until you see a special menu with a whole bunch of different options come up.  One of the last options is to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.  Choose that option, & it will load up windows without it checking any drivers for signatures.  With that disabled, the driver will now work, & it should be able to recognize your cartridge when you plug it in (as long as you have the drivers installed).  That's the only way I work with mine, & it works flawless every time.  It's a bit of a pain to have to reboot windows whenever you want to mess with your cartridge files, but it's definitely worth it, & pretty easy too.  Hope this works for you.

Oh, BTW, if you're pressing F8, & the windows logo comes on without going to the special menu first, reboot & try it again.  Start pressing F8 earlier.


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elektrohobo wrote:

are these still for sale?

Yup.  I still have both of them.  Lower prices:

$80 for one, $145 for both.

$95 for one, $160 for both.

+ my "no questions asked" 2 week return policy.  big_smile

Clean the battery terminals.  Scrape them right where they touch the batteries.