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w a v e y

thank you guys i'm gonna get on these

herr_prof, gifslap has the ideal UI imo, i'm gonna watch some vids on it and consider getting it

pleaselosebattle, cheers for the suggestion - i'll try getting it going on osx


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Cheers esc.
AV mixer looks good, resolume looks like exactly what i'm looking for - shame abt the price, but guess if its designed for the stadiums it makes sense.
Also would like some sleek live input (e.g. c64 in), maybe resolume has this, but where is the indie software!


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you know, like a dj, but with videos?

I have a Mad Professor Deep Blue delay pedal, as I wanted something as similar to the old Echoplex's (analogue tape) as possible. Highly recommended for sound, but doesn't have as many features as other delays.


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Pokemon Stadium (N64)
To The Moon
007 James Bond Golden-eye (N64)
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Stadium (N64)
Super Mario N64
League of Legends
Halo 1 & 2 (Xbox)
Tony Hawks Skateboarding (PS1)
Hotline Miami

Man I wanna back but don't know if I can yet... Very excited for it. I'm sure it'll hit the goal soon enough! Good luck

Cooshinator wrote:

Oh and for real tho this is basically the greatest thing ever

... yes.

(I've learnt and discovered so much in this thread)

But why does their radio have to be at 3am for me *kicks and screams*

Never heard of Overlord, but loved the video.

The Silph Scope wrote:

Oh yeah I forgot, I have a whole EP of Vocaloid/electrohouse/chip stuff :3 heart
(first song isn't Vocaloid, but still awesome)

And then these!
https://soundcloud.com/jiffypop23/party … op23-remix

Yeah man sounds great! Adds just that something extra.


im surprised that nobody has posted the new 8bit betty album, which is without a doubt the most maximum vocaloid / chip album ive ever heard: http://8bitbetty.bandcamp.com/album/fake-the-bitters

Just finished to listening to that the whole way through. Loved it

chunter wrote:
Jazzmarazz wrote:

I can't believe others listen to this shit too. I thought I was crazy.

There are so many similarities between the two scenes that I'm surprised there aren't more attempts to cross them, especially now that most of the software and techniques are well-documented.

Yeah seemed to me like they'd fit together well. An old electronic chiptune sound with a distinctive electronic voice? Seemed perfect.

The Silph Scope wrote:

I don't have much pure chip + vocaloid stuff, I usually blend the two with other things :3

Hey! This turned out to be the exact kinda thing I was looking for. I think a lot of artists could discover this to be really nice to complement the blips.

Does anyone think about how a vocaloid piece could go with their song when writing?

Has anyone produced much chip/vocaloid stuff? I couldn't find much at all myself... Most were just vocaloid songs redone purely 8bit
e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugubU4DakOM



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oh man hadn't seen super bat puncher till now, but that game looks awesome

finally got round to ordering a 64m cart, so exited big_smile

Jazzmarazz wrote:

how about comparing the sound outputs with an amp. The headphone jack should be quieter than the "pro-sound" coming from an audio amplifier. In any case, the quality is what you were aiming for, so in all honesty it was a success.

You're right, I'll try that out. Agreed, I'm very happy with it. Thanks for the help!

Jazzmarazz wrote:

Quieter unless you did it wrong.

Didn't think it was much more quiet? Maybe I subconciously turned a volume up somewhere. The quality was definitely better, so I'm pretty sure I didn't do it wrong