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djDarkX wrote:

Oh, I see what you mean about the features and I'll take a look at that rom when I get the chance.  Also, I wish you good luck on getting that worked out!

I should have posted the link to the most recent source code... smconv.

The pitchmod driver has ADSR support. It's kind of akward because you have to use two commands.

M7F - Use direct gain mode for the current channel [default]
M80-FF - Enable ADSR for current channel and set the attack and decay rate (%Adddaaaa)
Z00-FF - Set sustain rate and level for the current channel (%rrrlllll)

* Volume commands will be ignored
**M00-40 sets channel volume in all drivers per IT spec

There are some really basic examples in the example directory. Unfortunately, I don't have a Windows binary in the archive yet. Also, I should compile a list of some common ADSR settings.


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djDarkX wrote:

Interesting.  Also, I actually thought SNESMod, your version, had more features.  Hahaa.

I meant compared to the original version of SNESMod. Also, SNESMod doesn't have such features as Pattern Delay, Sample Offset, and Tremor...

When I have time I'll get back to working on reducing clicks and pops.  Oh, and here's a  rom from back when I was tesing SNESMod with ADSR.


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djDarkX wrote:

I actually tried various samples and always had the clicks and pops with SNESMod.  As I said, the sound of them was reduced when I made them have a lower amplitude, but they were still there.  However, in XMSNES, with all the samples tested, nothing.  And it sounds like the clicks and pops are there at the very start of the sample playback and during release or at the end of release.

Not sure what XMSNES does differently, but I found it odd because a quick glance at the source of both SNESMod and XMSNES suggested that they both use the same drivers.  Mind you, again, quick glance.  Could very well be wrong.

Both drivers were written by Mukunda so I wouldn't be surprised, although XMSNES had more features implemented.

I went through some older songs I had and found some that had clicks and pops*. In one case the song had pops in both SNESMod and XMSNES until I lowered the amplitude. Then the pops were reduced slightly in SNESMod and completely gone in XMSNES.  I changed the way gain is handled in SNESMod but wasn't able to reduce the clicks and pops very much. At least not yet. I haven't looked at how gain is being handled in XMSNES yet.

On the other hand, I have done plenty of songs with little to no crackles or pops such as this song.

*Certainly possible that all of the songs using SNESMod have such issues and some are more noticeable than others.


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djDarkX wrote:

I ended up finding the updated version of SNESMOD on nesdev being worked on by Augustus Blackheart and, I think, KungFuFurby (not so sure on his involvement), but the clicks and pops were still there.

Do you have some examples of things you've tried that click and pop in SNESMod but not in XMSNES?  I've had clicks and pops with certain samples* but when I replaced those specific samples the playback sounded fine.

*I haven't done much testing as to *why* this happens with certain samples.

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djDarkX wrote:
Augustus Blackheart wrote:

You can already do ADSR envelopes with SNESMOD.  Also, KungFuFurby added Pitchmod and Noise Generation to it.  It's in this thread (Page 6)

Apparently not.  I checked several times with different options and every time I opened a converted SPC into SPCTool, it would show that all instruments were Direct Gain.  Unless you know of some secret that I don't. lol

I saw that post.  I have yet to add those functions in with what he provided, but I still don't see any commands or ways to set up ADSR.  Using instrument envelopes doesn't do that, just controls gain.  Mind you, I'm using the 2009 version, slightly modified to "fix" FIR filter values beyond the 127/-128 that were coded into it, which didn't seem to work all that well anyway.

You're right.  I had forgotten about ADSR and Direct Gain. ADSR would be easy to implement in smconv. According to Bregalad it would also make very short attack or decay possible so it's probably worth implementing.

edit: added info obtained from Bregalad.


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djDarkX wrote:

Personally, if they can just update the SNESMOD converter to include noise channels, pitch mod and ADSR envelopes, that would be enough for me.  I prefer using something like OpenMPT or Schism to make the tracks and then just converting.  Combining the DSP Editor in SPCTool with SNESMOD allows you to get the values you need for the FIR filter and listening to how it affects the echo in real-time.

Anyway, yeah, I'm new here, but I saw this project and just had to say I'm really thrilled to see this.  Keep up the great work fellas!

KungFuFurby added Pitchmod and Noise Generation to it.  It's in this thread (Page 6)


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KungFuFurby wrote:

I have the binary on hand

Sweet.  Thanks.  That has been on my list of things to do for so long.

If it's helpful to anyone I added it to sneskit+examples; add -D PITCHMOD to ASFLAGS to select KungFuFurby's version.

Most of the examples here are Anthrox demos slightly modified to use some of the SNESKit stuff.  The only thing using sound right now are the two snesmod demos and the pitchmod demo.

I will try to update with more documentation and such as soon as possible.

If anybody needs any help with this stuff or would like to help  make more examples message me.

http://www.morganleahrecords.com/august … kit.tar.xz

edited to update link; added snesgrit info and 63mbit template.  Archive updated August 8th 2014.


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KungFuFurby wrote:

I'd be doubly happy with noise generation and pitch modulation (as well as the type of muting that allows pitch modulation to pass through). I've especially been a fan of pitch modulation lately, since I hacked SNESMod to add both noise and pitch modulation features for some of my songs.

Nice!  I've been meaning to look into this whole pitch modulation stuff.  Any plans to release your changes to SNESMod?

ferris wrote:

also, I won the compo at tg14 I mentioned, with another track using the tool ;D http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=62927 \o/

Ace job!  Sounds so good!


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This project cTrix and Ferris are working on sounds rad.  I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

I thought I'd chime in about some other options mentioned.  XM2SNES didn't provide very good results from what I recall.

SNESMOD was pretty great though. I used it for an album I recorded several years ago and continue to use it for all my live stuff.

I've been able to get 42-45 songs with an average length of 2 minutes and 30 seconds onto a single soundbank on a ROM.  My soundbank usually tops out around 979,172 bytes depending on the number and length of samples and how many commands I have in each module.

The most songs I've gotten with multiple soundbanks is 312.  Could get quite a bit more if more songs shared instruments.

edited to add greater detail.

Stevens wrote:

Very curious - how do you use the SNES live?

The SNES provides drums, bass, samples from PSX and SNES games.  It also displays various artwork I've done.

I took my Amiga and GBA mods and reduced the number of samples I had going on.

basspuddle wrote:

dang, too bad it isn't all ages!

There'll be an all ages show soon-ish; I'll post when there are solid details.  And I won't wait until the night before to post about it.

At the Blue Moon in the Uni. District with Power Cassette.  $5?

712 NE 45th ST.
Seattle, WA 98105

We are likely to be some combination of guitar, Commodore 64 and SNES.  The Amiga and Game Boy are retired.

Stop by and say hello!


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Anybody else up for performing?


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Neil, thank you for all you do!  You rock!

I use snesmod which requires sneskit.

The version of snesmod I've linked to has several songs you could replace with your own.  You just need your song to be in impulse tracker format.  There is some (possibly out of date) documentation.

I had to make some changes to smconv to get it to compile on Linux. This release contains those changes.

I put this together because I am often asked how I make SNES songs and I thought it would be useful for people who don't know much about programming to be able to put something together quickly.  I am in the process of making some examples that may prove useful.

Edit: updated URL


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Not sure if this helps as I've never used any soundfont synths but this is more or less what's going on:

http://www.morganleahrecords.com/august … m/train.xm

Edit: updated URL