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I'm pretty sure that shells are made of PVC or ABS (they can end up very similar as a final product), model kits are usually Polystyrene.

I quite like this, keep it up!


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Though an interesting thread. smile

I just talked to the guy the other day as I am troubleshooting a friend's DMG that was purchased w/ the envelope (speaking of which I'll have to hit up some of you fellows with more electronic knowledge soon, Ima bit o noob)...these are no more.

The most recent batch of them on ebay were the last of the full modded DMG's that he was selling.

Cool thing was that when I asked about any kits, he sold me his last three boards for a (IMO) reasonable price.

Quick question Kitsch, can the RGBva be used to control the RGBss? Or is on/off switches the only way?

Hey Apeshit, just sent a message about my cart that I ordered.

Domz wrote:

Any update on the betas shipping out? smile

-EDIT- I was thinking the wrong thing...nvmnd!


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Seriously digging the v3.