It's sad that FOX is the one to pick up on this, as out of touch with anything I enjoy as I might think they are. Although I feel like BR1GHT PR1MATE is a little more digestible for the FOX crowd than say..... most other chip artists.

We printed 10 or so of these beautiful flyers what will be for sale at the merch table. So bring your rubber bands...

We are going to try and get an open mic going for this Pulsewave.

Screw SXSW! We havin our own party!

DaPantz wrote:

Maaaan, FUCK the West Coast! Jeff Excell & Jenn de la Vega, I'm lookin' at you!

Oh, and:

OxygenStar wrote:

yay !! Kris Keyser playing a pulsewave!!


Ouch Ricardo!!! First you steal the headliner I wanted then you slander my precious west coast!!!! I declare intern WAR!!!

big fan of the "if your not using it, sell it on ebay, cause you can always buy it later for cheaper" theory. So I am not using any GBC, my atari, or my sk1 (all of which I found at thrift shops), So I sold them and bought gear I am using right now.

one day soon someone besides myself will hear to my music..... I promise. And I promise that it will suck hard.

I officially bow out of this....... I'm probably too late and I cannot for the life of me write a 1 minute song... mine drag on & on & on... can't wait to hear it though.


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I find myself listening to music that I would have never given a chance, because I am not just listening to the "most liked". Soooo. I kinda like it. Of course we re dealing with a smaller stream of music right now and it is generally of a higher quality.


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I also enjoy the expansion that is happening with your music. More exploration like this needs to happen.

Four new/old shirts available at

---- Nullsleep x Videogramo ----
Limited edition t-shirt design resulting from a collaboration between Nullsleep and Videogramo. The front print features a powerful graphic that references the entanglement of eros and thanatos, the politic of the error, and post-cyberpunk aesthetics with Nullsleep's signature red bar serving as the backdrop. Back print features a small N logo centered just below the neck.

---- Blip Festival 2009 shirt designed by Trash80 ----
The official shirt of the 2009 Blip Festival. Limited quantities!

---- Blip Festival 2008 shirt designed by Minusbaby ----
The official shirt of the 2008 Blip Festival. Extremely limited quantities! Get yours before they're gone.

---- International Chiptune Resistance Tour shirt ----
New old stock recently uncovered from Bit Shifter and Nullsleep's 2006 ICR World Tour. These official tour t-shirts can be found on the backs of loyal chip music fans around the world. If you missed your opportunity to pick one up during the tour, if you've worn yours out over the past 3 years, or if you just want to wear a little piece of 8bitpeoples history, this is your opportunity. Front print bears the tour logo, back print features a list of cities and world map. Very limited quantities, never to be printed again!


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as long as the conversation starts and stops with OMD, and New Order and other synth-pop wankers then I am in. Otherwise, I'm not too interested.


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I feel like certain aspects of Baseball can go hand in hand with being a "nerd". It was not why I was initially drawn to it, but it is why I keep watching it. It satisfies my craving for statistical analysis. It is also fun for me to watch baseball culture being co-opted by nerdy statistics people and the reaction that this trend gets from the "old baseball crowd"


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I like how when you post in a certain discussion the little word box on the left is grey, while the others are pink. It's the little things that make this place nice.


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alex_mauer wrote:
dubmood wrote:

why so offended Alex?

not offended... just sports are annoying to me... and i definitely dont see their relation to ultra nerdy chip music - the jocks are the ones who beat us up... remember?

I disagree, Not all of us are the same. I love Baseball and Soccer (football). Sorry. But I prolly won't be beating anyone up anytime soon.

Although it is a bit off topic,........ BUT it is always nice to find something else to talk about with your friends n'est pas?


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dubmood wrote:

Hello, this place lacks a nice thread for talking about football. Real one that is, not Handegg.

What team will win the premier league this year? Why does Olympique Marseille kick so much ass? etc

Whats your favourite team?

Holy SHIT I am a HUGE OM fan!!!!!!!!
I have a Michael Pagis Jersey in my closet!

Although they are F---ing tough to follow over here in the states.
I got glass bottles thrown at us by Paris fans while hanging out at the bars before the game
uhhhhh memories.
Of course this is all the season when we had Ribery, Nasri, Valbuena, Taiwo, Cana, Pagis, and Mama(don't) Naing.
To bad we are just a "Farm Team" (is this an american term) for "Big Clubs".

Sorry if no one knows WTF I am talking about.
I miss OM games sooo much