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This is actually a pretty cool concept. Best of luck in your endeavors! I might have to try contributing something...

Although this has me thinking, how hard is it to connect footswitches to a DMG? It would be useful to trigger the gameboy with my feet when I'm playing guitar at the same time. Or better yet, connect a DDR pad to a DMG somehow to control Start/Select and the Directional buttons. That would be awesome! But I'm getting off the topic at hand now.

Like other people said, it would be a much cooler mod if you could make it look like an actual DMG. I'm not sure, but you could maybe try wiring the pots from the pedal to the volume and contrasts pots on the DMG so it's more streamlined....

pixls wrote:

are you wearing a snuggie?

Snuggie equates to being a Hardcore Mofo.

Ah, I got excited and thought you'd actually built a custom effects hardware, not just put it in a shell. =/


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Oh yeah, that's be going on for at least a year I think. =3


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So I've been looking at my friend's Pro Guitar and playing around with it hooked up to FL Studio. As a guitarist, I just can't get used to lowered tactile input of buttons opposed to strings. sad

I haven't looked at the PowerGIG though, that sounds pretty exciting. big_smile

Dam, I get kicked out of housing for the summer the week before this.

Out of curiosity, how does open mic work? I might try to play a song if I end up going. smile

J. Arthur Keenes wrote:

Forget about hardware effects, drop $100 or so on a decent condensor mic, it'll be the best recording purchase you ever made, then just record into some free software, Reaper or something.

THIS THIS THIS all the way.

calmdownkidder wrote:

I see your hat, and raise you....

Dam you I still want one of those. sad REPRINT!!! REPRINT!!!

ONTOPIC: There really isn't anything wrong with using software to get your effects in the final recording. Unless it's a major effect that you want to be using live, don't worry about it just now. I personally prefer hardware just because HEY IT'S RIGHT THERE, but it doesn't actually make that much of a difference for recording. Plus, if you really wanted to, you could do some amazing (and by amazing I mean OH GOD NO.) setup where you run in to computer effects and then out to tape recorder. wink


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I actually miss the patch book because I would see a clever way to get a sound, then mutate and apply that technique to everything else to create totally new sounds. But yeah, LSDJ is a lot of experimentation really.


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So while you are at it, you should add a couple blue LEDs under the translucent buttons to make it pop even more. wink


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Does anyone remember the video of a workshop someone did that highlighted a bunch of clever tricks to use in LSDJ? I think it was by Animal Style.

Edit: Oh wow, that LSDJGuides channel is pretty nifty. Would've been nice to have when I started out. wink


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Bah, this networking thing convinces me that I'm never going to throw a show. I don't care about the whole making money side of things and getting fans to love you. I just want to play music and watch people rock out in some tiny, back alley room.

Hmmm, I'm really just about to grab one of those street performance licenses and lug an amp and my gameboy to a subway stop or public square and just write music all day.

Which reminds me... For some small town advice, I used to live in a tiny town and the most effective way to get people to recognize any musical talent was to just go stand in front of a storefront downtown (or the giant public park area) and play all day on the weekend. Some store owners would actually pay you to stand in front of their store instead of the other guy's if you were good enough.



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A cart programmer looks something like this:


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Oh man, I completely missed this. sad Some pretty good stuff has come out of this thing though. wink