Dam you and your 21+ clubs. D= Have fun guys. smile

EDIT: And then I a comrade:

Beware wrote:

Fuck you guys and your 21+ shenanigans.  When is the next show after the 16th of January?  Because I am *SO* there!

Gah, finally move to Boston and still can't see shows. xD


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So do we need a new one to be made? I could look into the hosting options I have at my college. Apparently I get like 2gb of webspace for life. O_O


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Vocals needed to be mixed or something because it was hard to distinguish. Also, a bit repetitive, but a cool mellow style to listen to while doing homework. wink


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Amazing album. smile


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ashimoke wrote:

Another use of table is to simulate delay effects with the R comand. For example RD0.
Connecting tables together is also useful - you put A02 at the end of A01 and vice versa. It gives you twice more table time which might be useful for example with the delay thing...
And many many more...

Dammit, I've never thought of doing that. xD That actually helps so much on really high BPM.

That's pretty helpful stuff on ticks. I haven't ever messed with them, but the video actually helps a lot for getting a feel for the various swings. As a suggestion for new tuts, how about picking a command, and then showing of all the tricks you can do with it. Like, I've never thought of doing delay with Rxx, but it's a good tip to know as an alternative to custom Exx commands. wink


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sad You can't triple quote.


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Hey, it shows up now. Must be a delay in updating or something because I definitely refreshed several times.


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I am completely unable to change my avatar. I've tried with a couple images and it still defaults to my current one. Even deleting the current avatar didn't help. =/

Crystal Labs wrote:

Here's my submission for the 3 volume box set:

Well shit. I can't do anything after this epicness. big_smile

Why do the sprites angle upwards in the sheet? It would make more sense if they were affixed to cells. Also, could we specify tile sizes for the sprite sheet? So then you would not be restricted to retro sprites in the actual program. It would add a lot more visual functionality methinks.

You should also have a Default setting for linking image parameters with audio ones, but still allow manual control for things. Like I might want pitch to correlate to color, and volume to height. I'm just a huge fan of having a simple default interface, but then more complicated custom options if you want to muck around. Looking excellent! I'd love to test this once you release! big_smile

I think I'll do a couple just for kicks, but I hate competing with the people who've already gone. =3

Rockband Mic + Guitar Amp actually gives me better recording quality than direct to Acer Aspire. =P

Awwwww, all the albums are accounted for. sad


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tacticalbread wrote:

I love PNES.

Oh Baby!

Yeah, it should be PNES.


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Whoa, I want to do a chip remix of those songs now. xD

I'll PM you within a week once I get this song tweaked. May or may not have guitar. wink

Dammit, right after I move from NC too.