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last i heard everyone was hanging out in the irc, lot of buzz in there these days

firebrandboy wrote:
Rubedog wrote:

btw, they should make it so you can put html and css as the post instead of BBCode, its a little too limited with BBCode.

some spicy xss.

also hi firebrandboy i loved your songs for cake back in like 2009


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join the #8bc irc channel cowards


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the best part about this website is how it still actually exists

here are some of my favorite best ways to learn lsdj (8.5.1+). note that these techniques are not guaranteed to work for earlier versions of lsdj, and under no circumstances should they be attempted on versions 4.6.3 - 6.0.8. that said, here are some of my favorite best ways to learn lsdj (8.5.1+)

* exploring the software
* using the gameboy
* learning the controls
* taking frequent breaks
* blowing on the cartridge
* and many more

these are just a few examples from my new book “best ways to learn lsdj (8.5.1+)”, the highly anticipated followup to my seminal classic, “lsdj: simulacra and simulation (8.5.0+)”, available now exclusively on amazon kindle or physically through amazon’s print-on-demand printing service.

make sure to be on the lookout for my upcoming work, “how to physically and emotionally isolate yourself from your peers and loved ones (lsdj) (8.5.2+)”

i’ve got the entire source for 8bc due to jose recruiting me (a literal child at the time) to help “test” his bleepbloop carts (as well as making me a mod of 8bc and requiring me to answer support emails) and it’s an absolute dumpster fire of php.

been wanting to do something with it for a while (ie port it to a language used since the extinction of dinosaurs) but matt of kitsch bent still owns the 8bitcollective.com domain (lol) which redirects to his website (lol) which itself is completely broken. for some reason that’s really funny to me.

the trademark on “8bitcollective.com” expired a few years ago (yes, it exists); always thought it would be a fun (and completely fucking stupid) project to get it back online.


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hi feryl


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hi feryl

about once a year, i randomly visit this website on a whim just to make sure that it still exists, and that day was today. and what are the chances -- bit shifter strikes again! 10+ years out this will be the single most expensive record available on discogs.com, mark my words.

jokes aside, happy to see this. new fun things seem to happen so rarely in the chip scene now, it's a pleasure when a surprise like this comes up. "reformat the planet", and your tunes featured in it, were pivotal pieces of media for my then-young self. i must have watched that movie at least 20 times while i was just getting my feet wet with chipmusic. i think i still have it loaded on my old ipod, somewhere. chipmusic on vinyl is such an unusual rarity in my mind. starscream's "future, toward the end of forever" is still one of my favorite records i own, if only for the fact that it even exists in the first place. will be picking this up, and will be very happy about it. smile

all the best. thanks for everything you've done for the scene, and well wishes in whatever comes next.

Mornings - Silly

hello again chipfriends. while i haven't written proper chipmusic in a long time, a lot of my chip-era influences still carry through in my music today. i released this album a couple months back, and thought some of you might like to hear it.

Mornings - Silly

1. Three Step
2. Peekaboo
3. Fall Apart
4. Bounce
5. Follow
6. Anything
7. Cat Day
8. Dummy
9. Blue
10. Silly


c64 meets musique concrète


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Dark_Bit_ wrote:

nice keys rack! What are those?

Oberheim Matrix 6, Yamaha DX7 II FD, Novation SL MkII (MIDI controller), Korg Minilogue



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definitely my favorite iteration so far

i have created a fun game for you to play to help learn the chips

to play the game match the chip with the computer

please print this worksheet out and return the completed copy to your homeroom by first period tomorrow, don't forget name and date :)


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Jellica wrote:

the scene is alive and well

this is indescribably bad

Duck wrote:

And as a matter of preference, I would go for a DMG rather than a GBC

100% this.

back when i wrote gameboy music, i recall always preferring actually writing on an MGB (gameboy pocket) for the sake of portability/feel, and then bouncing the finished track to my computer from a DMG since it obviously sounds much better.


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you can use that one album i made in prehistoric times