Cool visuals and sounds great.

I try to purchase locally when I can.  Unfortunately out by me in metro-Detroit we don't have many local options, I've bought tons of gear from Guitar Center even though it wouldn't be my first choice, I probably get just as much gear online as I do locally.  The nice thing about Guitar Center is that I've never really had to pay full price and when I cant get a deal the guy always throws something in.  I've gotten tons of cables, pedals, strings, and other random studio necessities that way.

What no way, how did I miss this?!

So many people will be rolling out from detroit.  it's not too soon to get stoked.

generally unless its immediate family, crying people are always an awkward situation

always dig your tracks.  Over an hour?  Dang this is a bigg'n

XyNo wrote:

Nanostudio is one of the first music app I tried on iOS and it was the first thing I installed on my ipad but I didnt did a complete song with it...most of the time I audiopaste my synths and samples to vividtracker and save a .mod with my instruments so I can use these on Amiga !

I didn't even know that was possible and is quite notable!


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bitjacker wrote:

depends on if you still want to have claim to that song. fame from your creation might be more valuable...

I feel like this mentality often dupes a lot of people into conceding into not charging for their production expertise.  Which makes companies offer guys like me "an amazing opportunity to get exposure!" where its like "yo, you really contacted the studio to get me to work on something….  for free?  Im sorry I have to decline, talked to DTE energy and they said they wouldn't accept "exposure" as a form of payment"

If you feel like your work is worth something, charge for it.  People on here seem to got the right idea on prices ^^


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Lazerbeat wrote:

Art for an upcoming xyce release by the always impressive and ever awesome m7kenji

Its not just slick, but esthetically pleasing to the eye.


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New job coming up, significantly more pay, I might get to travel for once in my life.

This really hasn't been my stage name in forever, i am on whats probably going to be a permanent hiatus because I'm a loser and can't seem to make tracks as much as practice the keyboard and better learn my synths.  Its a zen kinda lifestyle, though when i get these tracks done and finally start doing some gigs my stage name will probably be different, as my dynamic is pretty different.

Wait people are still stealing chip music?  Whats the point?  Chances are if you find the people in your area making music, and you can at least put together a few tracks for a gig, everyone will treat you like you are awesome, regardless of the quality of music.

I can kind-of agree with the sentiment that he's not really stoked for this years E3, the last few years i've really been noticing myself not giving as many shits as I used to.  Its just harder to find games that fit my niche interests.


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i spent around 200 on my m-audio keystation pro used, ups was the worst part but its still in relatively good condition, i would have bought it new but that particular model is discontinued.

I dunno about other boards but mine is relatively heavy, if you are talking about gigging with a weighted keyboard remember if this is something you want to lug around. 

I picked up a king korg last year and it actually has a pretty good synth action.  It doesn't have to be a synth though plenty of boards are out there with velocity sensitivity, after touch, and the other bells and whistles midi keys have. 

e.s.c. wrote:

oh it arrived, my mail carrier is just a moron. the other package was supposed to be signed for, but he never asked me to (that is after he came back 5 minutes later with it after bringing the fb01, which he'd insisted was the only package he had for me last night)... 2nd mixer and fb01 are both here and safely installed in my setup now

Good better see you in detroit soon, would love to hear it live.