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Rise from your grave!

> You can use xQuartz and Wine to simulate OpenMPT. That works pretty flawless.

Is this still true on MacOS Catalina  ? I can't figure it out.
And I can't get it to install via playonmac or winebottler either.

Edit : I found out from them on Twitter, that you can use modplug on Catalina if you get the last compatible with Windows XP version.

... and worked out you need to use wine-staging to get the toolbar to be the right size !

... and build & install libpng1.5.x from source cos you can't get that ver from homebew ! then the splashscreen and Icons all work.

He told me hold select while the logo is up - it's working normally again now smile

Thank you, I will.

Meanwhile, if anyone has seen the same error & knows what to do I'm all ears.

Instead of the usual logo on boot it puts ████████ and doesn't boot.

It's been in storage for about a year, in a Gameboy.

Is there anyway to recover it?

The same DMG boots a Nintendo Game Pak (Probotector) without any problem.


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Thank you for resurrecting this technique.

Wish I'd seen this sooner, as without a bit of planning I'd have to leave way before the end to be able to get back out of London.


Cool thanks. smile
(and I was <>this close to deleting my Facebook... I'll never escape.)


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Formatted the cartridge the "load pattern" option on screen M now works, nevermind.

What do you press to change which pattern you're editing? yikes

It's not the same as LSDJ, but also not in the manual.

(from your gravestone.)

Because A: never work on a mains powered device while circuit bending.


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A generalised Famitracker sounds like a great idea.


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But thats below human hearing, so: why?

xspheric wrote:

Theta_Frost, freezedream and I have been talking about potential future support for running two segas either in lock-step (aiming at having more channels and two separate outputs for different mixing/effects) or somewhat independently (e.g. multiple segas and Arduinos/Teensys controlled separately/MIDI tempo sync). Ideas welcome.

I *may* have already formed a duo in anticipation so yes please.

Will a Teensey work for 2 ?
Otherwise can I join 1 or 4 ?

Edit: I've got a PAL model 2, and a flashcart.

If you have a tab you can export it as MIDI from Guitar Pro (not sure if you can export from the Trial Version) or Tux Guitar.