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Thank you for resurrecting this technique.

Wish I'd seen this sooner, as without a bit of planning I'd have to leave way before the end to be able to get back out of London.


Cool thanks. smile
(and I was <>this close to deleting my Facebook... I'll never escape.)


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Formatted the cartridge the "load pattern" option on screen M now works, nevermind.

What do you press to change which pattern you're editing? yikes

It's not the same as LSDJ, but also not in the manual.

(from your gravestone.)

Because A: never work on a mains powered device while circuit bending.


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A generalised Famitracker sounds like a great idea.


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But thats below human hearing, so: why?

xspheric wrote:

Theta_Frost, freezedream and I have been talking about potential future support for running two segas either in lock-step (aiming at having more channels and two separate outputs for different mixing/effects) or somewhat independently (e.g. multiple segas and Arduinos/Teensys controlled separately/MIDI tempo sync). Ideas welcome.

I *may* have already formed a duo in anticipation so yes please.

Will a Teensey work for 2 ?
Otherwise can I join 1 or 4 ?

Edit: I've got a PAL model 2, and a flashcart.

If you have a tab you can export it as MIDI from Guitar Pro (not sure if you can export from the Trial Version) or Tux Guitar.

Nothing can beat ENDING MAN

http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Handheld … 62994.html


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This is sometimes useful http://famitracker.com/wiki/index.php?t … mpo_values

Sign me up for beta pls.

You don't need their own tool to use github, there's other git clients.