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Try twitter instead of email ?

Presonus Studio One > Cubase if you're not already invested into Cubase. (it's by ex-Cuabse/Nuendo devs.)
But if you know how to use FL why not stick with it? You can also load the whole of FL as a plugin in any other VST hosting DAW if you want to work with friends with more standard DAW tastes.

Have you seen fmdrive ?
It's MIDI mapping is the same as GenMDM in case we ever do end up with the hardware.

Edit: Deflemask can also export a ROM to playback on a flashcart.

Couple of small(?) requests:
Ability to set 'a' key as note-off.(It says its in use, but it's not one of the piano keys)
Ability to use tab / shift-tab for moving columns (default is ctrl-l arrow, ctrl-r arrow, but can't be changed)


This is great.

You won't be able to move the save states to the cart though sad


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They'll kill a ground loop hum, but not this as it's a noise not being caused by earthing.


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Is it still Chrome only?
if not: me please.


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Make the screen glow blue when goblins are near.

"5 year old son" eh?
How long ago did The Tuss appear?

You should be able to grab one for a couple of quid on ebay.

By clicking the link in the post you linked to ... ?
You have to register & login to download it though it appears.

>only let you save in the deflemask directory
Don't put it in %programfiles% and it's no problem.

el-bee wrote:

Still waiting for mine to be shipped, paid over a year ago...
At a glance on this thread I'm counting at least Yogi, SAMWAVE, Kitsch, DSC, Msefk, Cosmonal, mercury fm, Ether and Radian

Just for the record, everyone who hasn't yet received their GenMDM, please reply to this!

Yep, still waiting.
I'm moving house soon too, anyone know the best way to get in touch so I can change the address if it hasn't already shipped ?