I've seen clear pads, but not console. That would be hot though.
edit: oh, crystal clear sound.


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Tried to play one and it didn't work.
They are protected by some unknown force / I am cursed for defiling the temple of 0 plays.

Put a donk on it.

It turned me into a newt.



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High five, kitch.

A Shitwave that holds the tone while a button is pressed / when a MIDI note is held?

A Rez controllable via nanoloop usb adapter? ( X/Y as two MIDI CCs or notes & 1 CC ? )

A ROM that accepts a tempo and shows beat-synced pixel art? Bonus points: it loads them from a gb camera save copied onto the same cart. Double bonus: Tempo is received via nanoloop usb adapter.

Super Magic Music Maker for GB?

Something outside standard Western tuning like a gbamalan ?

Alright, that makes sense.
The 2-step pocket cam ninja technique.


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sidabitball wrote:

one day, there will be a better version, and a documentation wink

You tease.

Is there any way to back up the images over USB ?
My laptop which was the only remaining thing I could connect my EMS Transferer to has died sad

Nice one.
Off to tell Macfriends that they need no longer be jealous.


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I like the "we'll see..." skin, but different strokes for different folks I suppose.


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Thank you, these tunes are great.
/me dissects .xms.

The Cameron loop could be the stuff of nightmares.