nitro2k01 wrote:

ALTANE can also program the older blue EMS cartridges, which might see a bit of a revival because of this.

Rad. Got one I can't write to right now.


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e.s.c. wrote:

you even linked nullsleep's memorial site.. you should KNOW you arent alone on this

Ha, well I saw him link it on twitter, but didn't realise he'd made it. Nice.

So winamp's not going to be updated anymore.
Luckily for me, our copies won't self destruct and we can carry on using Chipamp plugins to playback our collections.

Am I the only one still using it? Surely not, it's library & playlist are still the most functional of all the alternatives.
More importantly, who will whip the llama's ass now ? 

RIP winamp

Alpine wrote:

My friends are hella horrified by the idea of veggie baccon

By the power of logic; We are now friends!

much sriracha.

Looks fun.
Might grab one.

Wrong grammar aside, you missed the important part of his post :

boomlinde wrote:

you don't have to do anything for copyright to cover your original work.

Any work is automatically protected.

Yep, you are not the only one.

Souncloud's just being weird. Refresh the page and it works.

Any of you Mac users tried running it in VFX ?

Yo dawg, I put a virtual PC on yo' PC.

What kind of graphics card have you got?
(Although I dunno how much difference that makes, it runs on my netbook's integrated card)


Obviously : … ave-pants/

How about schism tracker too ?