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im pretty sure fasttracker was ported to linux too, back in the day


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It could be ! however what i really want is MINE IN MY HANDS. jhahaha


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He must have slipped it. I mean, they didnt say it in any other place hmm

anyways, ill be installing it

edit: i cant grasp hwo beauty the fucking thing is. I want mine already!

re-edit: yeah, he says it comes preinstalled. I wonder why they didnt announce it


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I lurk the pocketchip forums and it doesnt seem like that. Sunvox is free for linux anyway

Updated with patches and shit

i need one of my own backlighted, and a shell filled , would sending some of my parts cheapen the final product?

If i werent broken this month sad

Still needing to move the gbmicro. Now 130$ shipped internationaly.


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Link to facebook? Ima get some of those cheap sds when you got them for sale smile

303 SOLD


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3 minutes. Longer songs make no sense in the world i imagine


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Btw Temps, you still on the vinyl biz? We need more allies


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Dude your condescending tone is the problem. I run shit in the shadows and you dont see me hitting the guy with a stick for not being an uberpro pay-the-artists release-thousands-of-tapes type of label YET. Cut him some slack.


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Let the guy try it before bashing him. Maybe he ends up as a "tape artisan" wich is cool too.

Btw my buddy wrote you heart


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Id buy a cheapskate version (with less features if needed, the bitcrushing side sounds good enough for us non audiophiles) but id never buy it with a gbcase. Most of the time, enfranchised people is tired of the "mainstream look" of their hobbies.

How ever, i think you can do good in the blackgaze/postrock scene. Theyd love this sound on detuned/7string guitars.


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I dont see the price range on teh website