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Hi there guise

Im in need of one of those ps2-dmg cables to derp around live and whatnot.

Does anyone got one to sell? Shipping to spain and all

Thanks in advance


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If I recall properly, white was japan only and blue europe. I remember blue was pretty common when i was a kid among my friends.. but whatever


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Blue and white are the most rare, black and clear are scarce due to love of them, but theyre definetely not as rare. I hope someone comes with official numbers.


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I only use LIVE mode. I write a simple beat and trigger it while I put melody over it, or I write a small bassline and improv over it, etc


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Well, I really meant the polemic ones. There was a lot of cry about the use of some creative commons thing from this chinese guys, but I dont feel like "stealing" if I buy them from someone from the scene. I dont know if I make sense, you guys know english is not my mother language.

Definetely looking after kitsch and apeshit on this. Thanks for the answers. Anyways, if someone got spares, this thread will include FTrade stuff next week so Im open for it.



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You know wich one guys, the chinese ones. Do they still exist? I got two, and a flasher/reader but I´d love to have a third one or even a fourth one for backing up before shows and shit.

Shipping to Spain cant be too expensive from Europe, I guess.

EDIT BECAUSE IM DUMB: I meant smartboys, not smartcarts. Lol, n00b.


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RyuX that shit is gorgeous. You guys really make me want a new DMG, and I have enough...


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Ah got a pair of them. Will have more before the year ends, tho.


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Timbob wrote:

A set of DMG's I did for a buddy.

Two transparent cases painted from the inside in a nice 80's gradient colour style thing.
Matching schemes and everything. the blue/magenta one might get green buttons, but that's up to him tongue

with matching EMS carts of course.
and backlight + pro-sound.

Both screens also have a custom Data loss logo behind the pixels. It's best seen when the nintendo logo comes on. Photo's are a bit fuzzy tho.
In lsdj, it's more on the background.

Wait, WAT?

This is osm mate, osm. I would try it on my own clearboy but I suck at electronics so dont get surprised if I ask you about commisions pricing on private.. teehee


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I love my Dreamcast because of that. I only ended the fighters.
JSR is awesome and it certainly aks you for high skills, but once you start breaking in, its worth the time. I never ended it tho, but I'm almost there. I havent touched the game for yonks, anyway.
The sonic game(s) are owsome too, grab a copy if you can.


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Hi there guys!

The name's Vic. Ive been toying here and there with chip music for yonks, released a few demoes for the kicks and whatnot, but nowadays I'm starting to put some gigs on the schedule with the "band " (basically a female vocalist and the occasional keyboard/bass played alongside the dmg). I also take photos on a profesional basis so maybe some of you remember me from toher forums where i used to put gb camera animations from girl models.

See ya around


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hello there, im pretty interested, i got a gig in the next months and I need an extra dmg. emailing you as we speak