As far as 'where's the release' - there isn't really one. The video was designed to be a video. The sound was recorded live then & there. I guess I could upload an mp3 if there's interest.

Hi everyone,
It's a bit different from just standard straight chip tunes. I got my friend Julian to record & write a track for all the components I built & bolted together. Then I got a tiny bit of money to hire guys & make it into a proper video.


And if you like that, see my other video (5 years ago)

Thanks, couldn't have done the first one without all the geniuses that came before me!


Hey everyone, I used Seb's amazing GEN/MDM in a video I made with musician Miaoux Miaoux. GENMDM for drums & lead. MSSIAH (C64 for other bits) Hard drives, floppy drives etc. Everything is played live on an MPC & MIDI guitar then looped.


2PLAYER wrote:

Pro sound? Crystal clear audio mod? I don't think they need to be modded unless you have a model 2 or the model 1 with the crappy board rev

Sorry, I meant Crystal Clear Audio mod for my Mega Drive 2. Today I got a MD1 with a VA4 board so I'm in business.

I have fixed all the problems I've been having! Sometimes my idiocy is astounding. It turns out that I had neglected to install the *.maxpat files that little-scale supplied, thinking that only installing the *.amxd are needed in Live's "Max MIDI Effect" folder.
No idea why I thought this, but I did.

Silly me.

Thanks to everyone who helped, I feel like a dunce – but on the other hand I'm now making some really nice sounds. Apologies for taking up so much space on the thread.

Kudos to Little-Scale, thanks again! Can't wait to hear what everyone produces with this amazing bit of kit.

little-scale wrote:

Please try the new versions of the GenMDM tools and let me know if this still happens!

Hi Seb, thanks again for making this. You're a true genius.
I tried the new versions on my main computer. Still no joy. Then I tried them on my laptop and they worked great! Had a really fun session last night creating drum beats on Channel 6. Everything was editable & worked relatively well.

Then, today I open my laptop and the same symptoms persist. On the laptop this time!
It may be to do with my set up – I'm running OS X 10.8.

When it doesn't work, the center panel of the Channel strip is empty. When it works it has the knobs. I tried restarting, uninstalling/reinstalling etc. It may be my ignorance, but I can't seem to find what I'm doing differently when it fails.

I'm working on it for the next few hours, so I'll let you know if I get anywhere.

The fact that I'm alone with this problem suggests the problem is on my end maybe.

I spent a few minutes last night mounting the cartridge in an old Sonic 1 case. Looks cool. I'm thinking I may solder the joypad interface inside the Mega Drive, so there's just a USB plug in the back of the console. Should be fairly simple to do, just solder wires from the pins of the (atmega?) chip to the joypad solder points on the MD motherboard.

Thanks again man!

I finally got my GEN MDM through! YES!

I'm having some problems with the Max for Live devices though, they keep crashing. Has anyone had a similar problem?


I set up the devices as they should be (on MIDI tracks routed to GEN MDM) and tweak the knobs. No change in audio. If I click on "FM OP 2" (tabs on a blank window in the Global Strip) then Live eventually crashes/beachballs.

Anyone got any advice? I can't wait to play with this properly.

I uninstalled/reinstalled Max + Ableton and it's still happening. I haven't been able to alter the sound via Max For Live devices at all.

EDIT: Just tried on my laptop and it works fine. Need to ProSound my Mega Drive!