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I've been featured on Chiptunes=Win twice now but this is my first proper release.

Four tracks of upbeat, melodic chiptunes using the 2A03/VRC6.

1. Tropic Commando
2. Galactic Ocean
3. Lepidoptera
4. Emerald Highway

You can get it here - https://talkboyarcade.bandcamp.com/album/lepidoptera-ep

You can also listen on Soundcloud here - https://soundcloud.com/talkboyarcade/se … doptera-ep

For those who are interested, the download comes with FamiTracker modules.

Well...a Dropbox link to them anyway.

Please enjoy! ^_^ heart

- Daniel


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Been lurking around for a few days, posted a track in the music section, but didn't notice this thread.
I'm 23, from middle o'nowhere England and have been doing chiptune since around the summer of 2011.
Always enjoyed retro video games and always been fascinated at how composers could express
moods and emotions beyond the simple bleeps and bloops that make up a tune.

Much of my experience comes from using FamiTracker, and my music is guitar-infused for that power-pop-punk...flavour.
One of my songs was even played on a late-night show on a local radio station last summer as some dude's "Chiptune of the Week".
Yeah...I actually didn't find out about it until November when I googled my name. Pretty sweet though considering I just do this as a hobby.

Currently in the process of making new stuff and learning what I can of mixing. I still have lots to learn though smile



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Started playing bass at 11 years old at a time when my arms couldn't actually reach the tuning pegs. Did Music Tech for a year at 16-17 which included a music theory crash course. Most of the theory I know relates directly to bass guitar (scales, arps etc), but doing chiptune, listening to all kinds of music and just learning experientially has helped me get a better understanding of what goes best together.


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I'm not a band, although the stuff I've done is like halfway towards something that could be described as "chip-punk", I guess. In reality, it's super-ghetto sounding recordings of FamiTracker + Power Chords. I could go into how the music embodies the do-it-yourself aesthetic of punk or whatever, but really it's my lacks of knowings of mixing and stuff. Seriously though, I've had a positive response from all of the 8 people that have heard of me. =P

40-second example: http://talkboyarcade.bandcamp.com/track/tomcat

Stoked for the new album. Sounds like this one was sample-based[?]. Reminds me of a Super Nintendo, more so than NES.