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suicicoo wrote:

Kitsch, is there any chance you make gameboy-buttons in the colors of the snes-buttons? that would be awesome!
also, are there any news regarding your new gameboy-front-pcb?

That's something I've been interested in as well!

Not to take away from kitsch, but: … it-lcd-kit

Yes please!

Don't bother... … r-your-dmg

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Jazzmarazz wrote:

Sorry not sorry.   I don't like Ben heck.

If he releases this FPGA code I'll like him. … r/Software

catskull wrote:

Here's a whole thing where he programs the FPGA, so I guess he released the source if you want to watch the whole video smile

That video is just about using an FPGA to make a VGA signal, the actual code for reading in the GameBoy's video signals was done by a friend of Ben's: … mg-01-vga/


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jackary wrote:

That is awesome! Many kudos to you~~
I am currently working on a little project using tiles on an arduino w/ one of those old nokia 5110 lcd's - I think i'll be able to adapt it to this really well! I'm excited smile

Cool, would love to see the results!


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Have been experimenting with some different video modes to make the most of the Arduino Micro's limited resources.

Here's an example of a text-mode game, using 8x8 characters gives 20x18 characters on the 160x144 LCD (this could easily be turned into a graphics tile mode as well by replacing the characters with tiles):

The great advantage of text-mode is that the screen buffer is only 360 bytes (20x18) as opposed to 2,880 bytes (160x144 / 8)!

I adapted the game from this source: … ture-Game/

BennVenn wrote:

Very cool!

I think I'd prefer to use an unmodified gameboy. Seems simpler and more portable. I'll throw one together tonight and post a few pics.

I'll post the schematic and source too for those that want to play along at home.

Looking forward to it! big_smile

Jazzmarazz wrote:

An all-in-one solution? Well, kitsch bent has common-ground replacement boards … button-pcb

Along the same lines, I made this a few years back - but then once you put one of these boards in I guess you're really using something other than the GameBoy itself...


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FULL SCREEN 160x144 @ 63.6 FPS! big_smile


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unexpectedbowtie wrote:

The only electronics I've messed around with are Gameboys, so I'll need to investigate a bit, but theoretically I would just need the Raspberry Pi, a midi connector, and that USB host board right? (Give or take)...

Raspberry Pi already has USB Host onboard. Arduino / Teensy does not.

FamiiDI will do the same thing as MCTRL without the $200+ price tag if that is what you are looking for?


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WOOHOO! big_smile


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Jazzmarazz wrote:

What pinout are you using? All I can find are documents listing pin 17 as Hsync. I have not tried using pin 18.

From a Slovenian masters thesis (you'll need to click 'I agree' to download the PDF):

on page 26 of 88


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Jazzmarazz wrote:

That is strange. I probably won't need to fuss with data_Latch until I get a steady image but I appreciate the input.

OK, but what I was trying to say is that it looks like you are already using DATA_LATCH (Pin 17) for horizontal sync?

And you might have more luck using HSYNC (Pin 18) instead?