I'm travelling to sa mostly in Argentina. What's the chip scene like down there?


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katsumbhong wrote:

The deal is you're not looking hard enough.

https://handheldlegend.com/collections/ … 6169882947

yeah i could do this but i didn't want to have to buy an sp. might have to by the looks of things though

no where seems to sell these anymore ?

whats the deal

if someone has one spare i'd be interested in buying it

i think the older devices appeal to me more because you can more often hear and tell when you are breaking new boundaries / doing something new with them. that said it is also really fun to play with tools like dsn-12 and iphone stuff since they also have their own software limitations

honestly sounds great as it is


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A pleasant array of songs. Your composition is a strong point for sure and it is what makes this a nice album. I would spend more time creating a more dynamic set of instruments, I think you should experiment with the noise channel in particular.

SketchMan3 wrote:
nitro2k01 wrote:

Do you see a difference if you set graphics output to GDI?

+1 for adjusting the graphics output. that's what fixed the problems for me.

Ahh... This doesn't work either. Even when the graphics output is set to null it still stutters etc.

nitro2k01 wrote:

First off, are you sure it's BGB that is causing it and not LSDj? Try changing the CPU type in the settings to Gameboy Color and see if it goes away. (If this is the problem, the same thing would happen on DMG hardware as well, and you should ideally optimize your table use.)

If the skipping is in BGB, try the following:
* Make sure you actually have the latest version, 1.5.1.
* Do you know if you have changed any settings in BGB? If so what? Try running BGB with a clean configuration, ie delete, or better yet, temporarily rename the ini file and try running it again.
* Try increasing the audio latency value in the sound settings.
* Try increasing the process priority to high using the Windows task manager, in the process tab.
* If you are using link cable emulation between two BGB instances, try disabling the "reduce input latency" setting.

And a few questions:
* What's your OS and system stats? (CPU type, CPU frequency, RAM)
* Could you describe the skipping further? Are audio and video equally affected, or just one or the other? Do you hear gaps in the audio, like static or shhort periods of silence, or is it just the placement of the notes that is affcted?

If some of the above solved the problem, please tell me which thing did it. I will forward this to BGB, and will help him make the emulator better in the future.

The only thing from above which helped was changing the priority in task manager,It still did not entirely resolve the issue though. Perhaps this suggests the problem is my PC.

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 @ 3.00GHz
GFX: 550 GTX


Further info about the problem: The slow downs mainly occur when 2 BGBs are linked, I dunno why I didn't mention that in the OP. It sounds like the audio is lagging and also skipping frames. For example sometimes a sound will play out longer than it is supposed to but other times it will skip sounds entirely. There are also very short (ms) of silence at times.

I believe the slowdown effects both video and audio.

this emulator seems to jump, skip and slow down a lot when i play it a song in lsdj. it doesn't do it a huge amount, but enough to be annoying

using the latest version of bgb but outdated version of lsdj

any tips for that?

this isn't that bad. it is a good thing when a song makes you want to hear to rest of the album

i got remix dad CD and a bong that sais chipchong on it and my friend got some chip chewn biscuits my brother got gameboy advance for try with nanoloop but i think it better just he not do that -_- (sounds bad)


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this is on sale again, 50% off via eshop

korg mo1d is also 50% off

i think until jan 1st


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amazing website amazing release

motion city soundtrack , jimmy eat world, yeah .......

i don't think i can do that to myself any more, that said, the music is well done , nice  : )

1. i use ymvst for arpzz altho it is limited

2. whilst it's not emulation of an existing "chip sound" i like to use Image-Line's WASP to create basic square and FM sounds

change thei r  name it ' s not nice . bleepbloop would change his name