And if anyone wants to put together some art for this, have at it, otherwise I'm gonna put my poor art skills to the test. Or just make some shitty meme based thing.

awesome, thanks for joining! Can't wait to see what y'all do. "Soft" deadline is 10/23. And if you don't have fb or wanna join the group but you wanna participate, you can send your track to fw blackburn at gmail (no spaces obviously).

Kinda like Hexawe-lite

69 samples from iconic classics and iconic shits we wish we could forget.


Use these samples to create a track. You can do anything you want with them. Process and edit them to your liking. You can also use the SNES sound ripper tool (it's in the .zip) to get samples from ONE (1) SNES game. This means that if you get a kick from Yoshi's Island, you can't use the synth from Metroid 3. You cannot use any soft synths, guitars, keyboards, outside drum loops, VSTis, or anything but the samples and your SNES game.
You may submit more than one song if you feel so inclined.
You may use any software you'd like. You can use all the effects you want. Just keep it within the spirit of reappropriation. Transmute the past!
You have roughly 6 weeks. I'll spit out a deadline soon, along with a place for you to send your track. That's plenty of time and it should give people who want to participate time to do so. If I get super low participation (i.e. 0 submissions), I'll extend it.

Most discussion will take place in the facebook group linked below, but yall can participate if you don't have FB. I'll try to check back here from time to time if interest is shown. … sp=sharing

MIDIDELAY is supposed to delay midi output by X milliseconds so that it lines up with the samples, but it appears to have no effect.

<MIDIDELAY value='500'/>

My config.xml:

  <FULLSCREEN value='YES'/>
  <SCREENMULT value='2'/>

<MIDIDELAY value='500'/>

<BACKGROUND value="22204A" />
    <FOREGROUND value="FFF18A" /> <!-- text and cursor in cursor -->
    <HICOLOR1 value="91FF75" /> <!-- row count in song screen -->
    <HICOLOR2 value="FF433D" /> <!-- cursor-->

Any other Windows users try this and have the same problem?


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turboninja wrote:

Hello , someone has managed to run lgpt on a raspberry pi 3 ? I've got a crapy glitchy slowly sound.

Hey turboninja. I'm having this exact issue and have been trying to crack it in my free time but keep finding that I'm missing a piece. I've sort of resolved that the key is to either swap the Pi 3 for a Pi 2 or install Wheezy on the Pi 3, which has proven much more difficult than I anticipated. Or if some smart person comes in a ports it to Jessie, but that might lead to other problems since I haven't been able to get my interfaces working in Jessie anyway.

I have found this image that claims to boot up wheezy on your Pi 3, but I just get the rainbow screen:

I've also found this thread, which has a technique that claims to work and has confirmations from a couple of users. I look at it and scratch my head though because I am a new user and don't know anything hahahaa. … p;start=25

I get lost at steps 4 and 5, what easily looks to be the most important step. I think I might just see if my friend wants to swap his 2 for my 3.

herr_prof wrote:

That should be all you need! Make it executable as explained in the wiki and you should be good to go

I see, thanks, glad to know it's installed right. I do have it running, but am having issues with my audio. I just ow posted to the facebook group that I think you admin big_smile. I'll crosspost here for more signal if I can't figure it out some time tonight. By the way, end goal is to use Pi Piggy as a MIDI sequencer.

e.s.c. wrote:

why'd you use the debian instead of the raspi build? i'm guessing that's a factor

Any idea where I could find a stable build of the Pi version? The Ghetto version on the piggy tracker site is just the .exe, which I placed in the bin folder of the debian build. Is there a directory somewhere with all different builds of LGPT?

3 years on, and I finally bought a Raspberry Pi 3. Been messing around with it, got piggy installed. I extracted the latest stable Debian build, then put the Raspbian exe in bin folder. It runs, but the audio is not right- just a bunch of crushed up sounding noise. Dunno if I installed it right.

I am using Raspbian (Jessie) that came on my SD card.

Also having trouble getting it to work with my Tascam US-122 USB/MIDI interface. I got it to display the interface with $ lsusb, but beyond that I have a lot of work to do here. I might try a newer interface, no idea if this thing is class compliant. It's plug and play in windows at least.

Any help or personal experiences shared would be appreciated.

Actually, the MIDI delay doesn't seem to be working. It doesn't matter if I use 1 or 500 for the delay ms value. This is my config:

  <MIDIDELAY value='1' />

I've tried several different builds of LGPT, and several different drivers. MM seems to be the only one that makes MIDI happen first, thus making the MIDIDELAY useful. Anyone know whats up?

metropeak wrote:
Cartoon Bomb wrote:

I *almost* committed to one of those teensy Korean pocket "laptops", but the price of the Pi is just right.

Kind of curious about these, do you have any links to them?

I can't access any of the sites because I'm at work (there's a very arbitrary filter), but if you look up UMID MBook, you'll see what I'm talking about.

@herr_prof regarding the price of RPi, I already have a lot of this stuff. I'll need a screen and a PSU, but I have found kits that are priced reasonably. None of them have screens though, so I'll have to get creative with it. Choices, choices, but the only thing that matters to me now is results...

Very cool, herr_prof. I just read through the other thread on midi and there are some awesome ideas there. The mpc like configuration sounds extremely interesting.

About the windows thing, I just forgot to drop by and edit or update with a link to the wiki and a "problem solved" big_smile

Okay, I'm getting into the Pi then. I *almost* committed to one of those teensy Korean pocket "laptops", but the price of the Pi is just right.

@metropeak cool stuff, I'll be sure to follow your work, especially as I familiarize myself with Debian and RaspPi.

Here I am again, craving lgpt midi out on a portable device. I want, no I need, piggy midi out...I just love the idea of having such a small and easy program play samples and midi. I already have portable piggy in the form of a caanoo, so yeah, I want something specifically for midi. I have been thinking of either getting the smallest laptop I can find or getting a RaspPi, though I'll still buy your gp2x off of you wink

I've noticed that midi notes and samples do not play synced in windows piggy. It seems that the samples start just a little too late. What's your solution to this? Is there a way to delay the midi notes just enough?

I would like to know where to begin with the Pi. What OS, and how do I make it recognize a midi interface? Does anyone here use the Pi for piggy midi and care to she'd some light on how you arrived at something that works? Is there latency? herr_prof wink ?

Does anyone here even use lgpt for simultaneous sample and midi? If I can do this I will be living the piggy dream...

Oh, does anyone have experience with the umid mbook? Runs xp... … 25816857f3


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What a nice surprise to see when I jump on cm.o after a long time. Haven't finished it but it sounds great so far.

whoa dude

Grymmtymm wrote:

get a pic of the C64? mods?

I'll get a pic up ASAP, I've been meaning to. It's in great condition, no mods. It's not the breadbox, it's the c64c. The only thing you might not like is that it has stickers to indicate the keys for use with the cynthcart.

Bumpo. MPK25+wall power is now $150!

C64c is with Cynthcart is $80 OBO!