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I never got to meet him, but his music was great. Sorry to hear that he passed away sad


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I can't even figure out what this thread is hmm

I've seen them for $60-75 recently, but it varies

Saskrotch wrote:

edit: Also just deleted a four year old post with a homophobic slur and a mod quoting it and saying "careful" instead of deleting it, so I totally get why people don't feel super welcome here

Can you PM me the link to the post with the quoted slur (or report it) so I can get rid of that?
My preference has always been to "delete" (we have a staff-only section for "deleted" stuff) the whole post if there's a slur, those post rarely have useful information to worry about losing, just people being asshats
Edit: had no idea you were staff now too, Nigel lol

What they don't know is that most people viewed as gatekeepers in this scene (a) haven't really got much power & (b) lots of them (us? Am I seen as a gatekeeper?) are a little socially awkward so it's easy to think they might not like new people, but that's just because they aren't always comfortable talking to new people
That can make things seem like those of us who know each other are trying to keep new people outside the group, but it's not intentional (unless we're excluding rapists. That's intentional)

If you do try mGB again, you might enjoy it more if you use a tracker (like renoise or LGPT) to control it. You can have lots of fun with MIDI CC in tables

Apparently OP found one, closing thread at their request smile

Bandcamp Link

Releasing a brand new live album, ~57 minutes solid of tracks chosen from a wide span of my career. Lots of chopped breaks, nanoioop, piggy tracker, & fx

Hope you enjoy. sorry some transitions are rough. I chose not to edit it at all beyond trimming the silence & running some mild compression

.                                           kevin


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JonnieFAST wrote:

i have the original green one
check the nanoloop official site
its the one thats been sold out for years

will include the usb adapter as well

you should list the version number, saying "original" would normally mean the first version, but if you're selling with a usb midi adapter then it's more likely 1.6 or newer. features and resale prices for 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, & 1.5 carts all vary from version to version so knowing which version it is is important

i'd be down to do an e.s.c. or d_strct set sometime


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Fyi everyone, hes lurking around the scene again. He tried to join the piggy tracker Facebook group this week

Arc-Demon wrote:

I can actually view and download 'Endless Runner' but for some reason it won't register any views or comments.

That's one of the ones with a duplicate copy. For whatever reason (trash or nitro might know), uploaded tracks that have a name that matches a previously uploaded track cause it to have a duplicate entry but both point to the same file (which gets the +1 to play count, regardless which link you used)

the tracks by evilrustyrobot all link a different track by that artist, i'm guessing the cyrillic alphabet causes issues

Arc-Demon wrote:

Oh wait.

There's actually an entire page of music I can't physically click on or listen to or won't be 'marked as read' for some weird reason. Anyone know what's up with these?

I don't deserve the cookies.

at least the first one i checked is a situation where the artist uploaded it twice with the same name so there's a duplicate entry that will always stay at 0 plays. suspect most of the others with 0 plays are the same


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herr_prof wrote:

midi map ONLY works on desktop builds, and I only tested it on raspi personally

True, but since OP didn't specify what device they use with piggy I figured it was worth mentioning


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In theory, you should be able to map an incoming MIDI note to whichever button you're using for tap tempo
Been meaning to try it myself, but haven't gotten to it yet