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weird, working for me in Opera. also, i clicked a button that i'm not sure what it does (& might be staff only) so hopefully i didn't break anything while half-asleep


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nice, i'll check this out later


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edited to use youtube embed tags, pleas consider doing so in the future, it seems to help play counts if the videos are embedded since people don't need to open an extra tab smile


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herr_prof wrote:

this thread is officially longer than the first wave of chiptune

What wave are we on now anyway? 4th? 5th?
1st being the demoscene, 2nd early 2000s rise of game boy chip era, 3rd late 2000s-early 2010s blip fest era, after that...?


Apeshit wrote:

Sounds like he only shipped your order because he was going to lose the money in the Paypal dispute if he didn't.

If he's been this busy and unable to provide a service that people paid for, he needs to close his shop. I'm not exaggerating when I say this has been going on for the last decade.

Exactly. Dude should just update his site when he's too busy to handle more orders (label things as "out of stock" or inform people of shipping delays).
Glad you got your order though, shame it seems to have required opening a dispute for that to happen in a reasonable timeframe


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Thanks, that one is the newest (2017, the other 2 are from 2011 & 2010. There's also a video i did for Bright Primate in 2012 or 2013, but don't think it was ever released? I should ask James. In the other thread there's also a video for Esopus/Fumu's collab project that i can never spell correctly which i made in 2015 or 2016. Actually now that i think of it it close this thread so we can go back to just using the other one


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TSC wrote:

Your first post here was to tell us a DJ is playing other people's music.

right? that set off my "moderator sense" (that's like spidey-sense, but far less useful IRL)


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there are a lot in this thread https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/6692 … eo-thread/ , like this one i made for a Mr. Spastic track a  few years back

& the ones i made for my albums "traces"

and "my mechanical heart"

i plan to do something for the album i'm working on now too, but it'll be a bit different

Cementimental wrote:

Surely the PixelH8 stuff should be in there somewhere? eg Pixelh8 Music Tech Pro Performer on the GBA

it IS on the list though... hmm


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Subway Sonicbeat wrote:

I am... the problem, but, well...

you heard him, it's Kurt's fault wink


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i'm with cdk & fluxxin on this. i don't really care as long as it's just DJing. not like she'd be the only one faking DJ sets
also, wtf year is this, cdk & fluxxin are both posting on a chipmusic forum?

ffs. please follow forum rules in the future or posts will be deleted. i was just trying to warn you since you might have just been unaware of the forum rules but now that's clearly not the case

aentitude wrote:
aentitude wrote:

Price - Open for all suggestions. Honestly I mostly care about that someone who KNOWS about, and will appreciate the value of these machines get their hands on them. Otherwise I'll probably just drop them off at some Red Cross charity shop or so, where they will be picked up by some random dude who doesn't understand the s-video mod or what the mssiah is for.

yeah, what i'm saying is that you need to set an actual price. them's the rules. this is both to protect the seller from getting low-balled & to avoid the site and staff having to mediate between buyer & seller.


Indicate prices on items you are selling.  If you are trying to auction it off put it on ebay and put a link to the sale here.


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fwiw, there does seem to be an issue with fullscreen using jesse or newer raspbian builds. i've been trying to sort it out in the facebook group (had to finally upgrade to something newer than wheezy since i got a piTFT+ & i couldn't get that to work in wheezy). i'll probably end up going with command line/autoboot eventually myself, but it's definitely an issue for some reason (as confirmed by another user who also had trouble in raspbian stretch)