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fwiw, there does seem to be an issue with fullscreen using jesse or newer raspbian builds. i've been trying to sort it out in the facebook group (had to finally upgrade to something newer than wheezy since i got a piTFT+ & i couldn't get that to work in wheezy). i'll probably end up going with command line/autoboot eventually myself, but it's definitely an issue for some reason (as confirmed by another user who also had trouble in raspbian stretch)

since this was apparently MIA, i reuploaded HERE


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somehow still working on getting an e.s.c. split or two out (had people drop out - if it happens again, they're just becoming singles/EPs) along with a new e.s.c. full-length, but also working on finishing the second d_strct (a mix of original tracks & remixes, including remixes of a chip legend or two) & the first album for my piggy tracker glitch/drone project viron LLA. also looks like im starting a piggy tracker/analog synth/vocals/guitar industrial thing with some friends
and on non-chip stuff, have a bunch of first of the ninth (my noise project) stuff to mix
so it'll be a busy year for me if even half the stuff in the works happens

Doctor Octoroc wrote:

Still, considering the lack of extensive documentation for MidiNES (hell, the video example used in the listing is from 2012), I've gotten the impression that a lot of people who got it back in the day gave up trying to figure out all the ins and outs and either sold it or it's collecting dust. I'm hoping this tutorial series can attract a lot of those people who already have it and haven't been able to use it to it's full potential!

Plenty of people just got tired of stability issues (especially for live use) & sold ours off on ebay. It seems likely the 3 carts i had are all collecting dust on shelves of people who don't use them. I decided I'd rather use mGB, though i miss the NES noise channel.
I'm sure there would be more vids and documentation, but lots of people who used midiNES heavily back in the day also weren't the sort who use tutorials themselves. Or remembered how the sabrepulse lsdj tutorials resulted in way too much lsdj stuff sounding similar for a long time & preferred that not happen with midiNES too


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Unless someone else has been getting there first & deleting the posts, I've actually seen a significant drop in spambots since it was put in place so it seems to be working


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Yep, switching one bank to the next (or at startup) is what takes a while with longer samples. If you use more than ~6 minutes of samples(if mono, ~3 min if stereo) or more than 8 different samples during a set, you'll have to at some point switch banks and wait a bit (or work around it by playing something that doesn't need samples while it loads. Or if that doesn't work for what you want, there's the mpx16 which doubles both the number of samples & max sample time per kit(plus lets you sample in-unit instead of just giving you sample playback) but also costs roughly double (though you can probably find a used one cheaper than the volca sample still)


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BLEO wrote:

Akai MPX-8 is pretty OK and probably the only solution that's cheaper than a Volca Sample. The biggest issue with it is that sample banks take an unusually long time to load, 30-60 seconds or more maybe? If you accidentally hit the button to switch banks mid-song, you're fucked. You get 8 samples per bank.

Yeah, mpx8 can take a long time to load if you're near the max sample time for that bank (something like 6 min if mono iirc, believe it's got 32MB per bank), but i can recommend it for sure. I use one for longer samples when i can't squeeze all the samples into a piggy tracker project

Considering that I'm a staff member i wouldn't call this a purist forum lol
And dudes like myself & saskrotch have sampled plenty, tbh since i love Glass i kind of wish that I'd sampled his Koyaanisqatsi score. Saw him & a small ensemble perform it live in 2003 or 2004 in Chicago, it was amazing


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& that's why you post a bug report here. we didn't even know it wasn't working


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i'll bring this to trash80 & nitro2k01's attention


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eagerly downloading. will interrupt my breakcore/industrial/doom marathon for this.
oh, and hit me up, i have something that might be a good fit for another chippanze release (another non-e.s.c. project of mine)

Lol, i know. Just meant within the chip realm you'd be more likely to be correct than a college professor. Except maybe professor little-scale (depending on the specific hardware/software) smile

OCPDMusic wrote:
e.s.c. wrote:

I'll have to read later. Open to answering any questions you may have, i rarely go more than a day between logging in since I'm part of the small staff here & lots of the others aren't really active on the site anymore.

Thank you so much for volunteering to chat down the road. I really do appreciate it and will take you up on that offer! Yeah, it was interesting reading posts from people who were very involved years ago and are no longer posting. I know some mentioned new phases in life getting in the way of posting (e.g., having kids, getting married, starting new jobs, etc.), but I'm curious what happened to the members who were posting a lot and just appeared to stop.

I can help fill you in, i know most of the people who used to post regularly to some degree or another. Don't know the "why" for all of them, but some have told me

I'll have to read later. Open to answering any questions you may have, i rarely go more than a day between logging in since I'm part of the small staff here & lots of the others aren't really active on the site anymore.

When in doubt on things like this, always trust nitro, even over college professors. Dude knows his stuff