Arc-Demon wrote:

Oh wait.

There's actually an entire page of music I can't physically click on or listen to or won't be 'marked as read' for some weird reason. Anyone know what's up with these?

I don't deserve the cookies.

at least the first one i checked is a situation where the artist uploaded it twice with the same name so there's a duplicate entry that will always stay at 0 plays. suspect most of the others with 0 plays are the same


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herr_prof wrote:

midi map ONLY works on desktop builds, and I only tested it on raspi personally

True, but since OP didn't specify what device they use with piggy I figured it was worth mentioning


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In theory, you should be able to map an incoming MIDI note to whichever button you're using for tap tempo
Been meaning to try it myself, but haven't gotten to it yet


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XyNo wrote:

8STATIC in Philly

i'm fairly certain 8static is done

TonicTheSeshHog wrote:

Hey everyone,

(tl;dr) should have a socialnetwork-like layout where folks share patterns and melodies on their user pages. Organiser/developper monetizes it with advertisement.

hard "no" on advertising/monetiziation of the site, and i highly doubt nitro or trash want to make this a social network.
on the other hand, there is now a dating site for noise musicians called noisedate, we can pretend that's close enough
but fwiw our site does already allow music uploads which then display on your user profile page here


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using mine more for visual art than music, but it's here

hope this was as fun as it looked


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probably 80% of my environmental sound collapse stuff after 2008 would count i guess


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i suspect Oliver made less than 100, possibly 50. they were a pretty small run in 2005 or 2006 iirc

facebook event page

going to be doing a d_strct a/v set at mental spaghetti fest in the Detroit metro area alongside kite splash, monotony, seanni b, & a bunch of hip-hop, noise, & all kinds of other crazy music.. info from the event page copy/pasted below

Mental Spaghetti Fest #8 - The Return! August 23rd and 24th, 2019 - Detroit, Michigan! Brought to you by Placenta Recordings, held at Studio 8700 in Oak Park, MI!

A barrage of the senses: A music festival intended to make you freak the fuck out, highlighting underground artists from all over the world, coming together in one bizarre fashion that you will not find anywhere else, period. Don’t sleep on Michigan’s most fucked up music festival in existence. Back after a 2 year hiatus.

Featuring live performances from:

Project Born (Flint)
Stale Dale aka D-Lyrical of ICP (Columbus, OH)
Black Mayonnaise (Akron, Ohio)
Gozza of Artfull Dodgers (Flint)
Team Eastside D-Nice
Marco Skeezy
Scumbag Fred
Cock ESP (Minneapolis, MN)
Dental Work
George Feeny
egodriven (Lima, Ohio)
Kite Splash
PAS Musique (Brooklyn, NYC)
Khrysalis (Dayton, Ohio)
Kessenchu (Cleveland, OH)
Medicine Mouth (Lansing, MI)
Disleksick (London, Ontario)
Hesitant Pegging
My Sister Is A Cop
Ariel Sports
8 Blocked Users
Eprom Colony
Seanni B
Sir And Baby
Pep-Step (Miami, FL)
bBomit (Hamilton, Ontario)
Disenthrall (Port Huron)
SHEMA (Ann Arbor)
Skin Beetles (Port Huron)
Sea rabbit (Gaylord, MI)
HLO (Los Angeles, CA)
Autoerotichrist (Wisconsin/Washington D.C.)
Nekomata (Kalamazoo, MI)
Battalion Of Cloudships (Erie, PA)
Street Rat (Miami, FL)
Contraktor (Tulsa, OK)
d_strct (Chicago, IL)
Whitey Alabastard (St. Pete, FL)
The Brimstone Lab
TRASH GODZ (Philadelphia, PA)
Dope Rhyme Villianz
CX Da Grinch (Colorado)
Dystopian Vomit Cop (Newaygo, MI)
Bit-Mummy (Pittsburgh, PA)
K9 Hemorrhoids
RagK (Kansas)
Hideous Replica (NYC)
Denouement (Port Huron)
Death Factory (Chicago, IL)
Sean Holt (Cleveland, OH)
Steve Harvey Oswald
Period Bomb (Miami)
Bobb Hatt (Baltimore)
Timmi 2 Tymes (Fallen Angelz Entertainment)
Ray Honcho
Latin Trap Queen
soul_scientist (Baltimore, MD)
Janet (St. Louis, MO) (as seen on Adult Swim!)
+ visuals by Jonnn + hekkate (Oakland, CA)

Get the compilation CD to help support the cause! CD and download available here: … s-522-2019

Weekend Passes are available for pre-order here: … the-return (Limited to 100)

VIP Weekend Packages are available for pre-order here: … the-return (Limited to 50)


Placenta Recordings
Trashfuck Records
Causticity Productions

(Get in contact to be a vendor - [email protected])

Sponsored by:

Placenta Recordings
Hot Hits Records
Nekhorosho Records

(Get in contact to be a sponsor - [email protected])

Dupe threads should be all gone

if XyNo is an old fart, i worry what that makes some of us...
it's nice to hear when the site or community has been helpful to others, it's sure helped me a lot over the past 15 or so years, many of my closest friends are people i met through chip music


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wow. wtf was that bullshit?

oh interesting. maybe i'll go make new versions of my lsdj stuff with an mpx8 & dsi tetra and see how it sounds

i don't have money, so... sad


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oh, apparently i added a track to the "featured" tracks, which i just learned was a thing despite having been here since (before) the beginning. can you tell i don't use our music section much at all?