A friend of mine let me borrow a book that took them through all four years of their music theory classes in college. I've been reading through it and applying what I've learned. Here's a little demo type thing of what I've soaked in so far! CC appreciated! smile



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Thanks for the replies, guys! I'll have to look into the vids! big_smile
Also; Adam: this book is 4 years of music theory in one textbook, although I'd like to read through it, it would be good to know what parts to look at first and such. Thanks anyway though.


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Hey fellow chippers! A friend of mine let me borrow 'the musician's guide to theory and analysis' It's a big ol' textbook on music theory. I'm posting (possibly in the wrong place, sorry for that) to see which parts of this book are going to be the most beneficial specifically for making chiptunes. Thanks! big_smile


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Green backlight,
Prosound mod,
tiger skin,
soon to have custom buttons
(learning how to cast my own)
Kitsch-bent flash cart w/LSDJ
it's a sexy beast!

I also have a gbc, atomic purple front
lime green back
yellow battery cover
gbasp front-light

Thanks for the words of wisdom, guys smile I really appreciate it! In return I shall provide you all with this:

dude, i'm sure whatever you wrote was awesome, and anything you are writing is even better smile thanks for the confidence boosts, guise!

okay, relax... relax.... fewwwwww..... everything will work out... find a thousand ways that don't work... maybe I should stop drinking so much coffee... and energy drinks... thank you! smile

So, I got a DMG, A flash cart from kitsch-bent, bought a copy of lsdj, checked out the sabrepulse tutorial, and this is what I've got so far:
https://soundcloud.com/t3chn0ph1le/cros … e-sidewalk

I don't think it really counts as a "song" personally, but i'm really anxious and impatient 0___0

also, i'm still doing research on music theory and such, considering I wasn't interested in music until I found LSDJ by accidentally hitting another letter in a quick google search....... the extra letter was L...