Just do what everyone else does and start your own wink
That way you'll never be rejected again!
Plus it sounds like the world needs a chip-prog label.

Wow, this is amazing! Awesome work, Freezedream~

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

Matt buys that stuff PHISICALLY. Hes bought every single piece of shit I had got released in my chip life.

I'd love to see his physical music collection!

He's the hero he deserve.
I just hope he claims all that on tax or something, 'cause....that's a lot of money heart

danimal cannon wrote:

just want to give a shoutout to Brandon Hood, he's bought more chipmusic than anybody ever

Seriously that dude supports damn


Lets not forget Kitsch-bent with a whopping 1200+ purchases!

Square Sounds Tokyo! Biggest chip event in Japan.

Melancholy? Yeah.

Falling for a square
https://fallingforasquare.bandcamp.com/ … 96-forever

J. Arthur Keenes
https://thejarthurkeenesband.bandcamp.c … est-violin

One of mine perhaps... Over the mountains and over the seas, there is hope.
https://calaveralovesyou.bandcamp.com/t … re-is-hope


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Yep, rest assured it works 100%.

Talked to abrasive. Turns out it's caused by contract troubles with the game boy. The DMG must have taken a more heavier bump in my bag. Take care of your gear, kids!

I've been using DnD for about a year and have been pretty damn happy with 'em. Will have to see how it goes from here. Have the latest firmware. Might give abrasive a call.

Anyone ever had this? Turned it on, nothing showed up on the DMG screen, turned it off and on again a few times and when it finally worked, all it had on it was the song I'd last worked on.

Thankfully I back up regularly, but should I be worried? Any behavior I should be avoiding, etc?

Amazing work guys! heart
Can't wait to boot that up on hardware tonight.


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Great release! Looking forward to a few more listens~

The River as a Parable for Love
Most People are Boring

Book this guy!
His sound is even more fantastic live, he's a rad dude offstage, and his melodic Finnish accent will drive you wild.
Do it, Berlin.


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The website looks kickass! Nice.