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stress_tn wrote:

Midi mapping on mixer screen.
Erasing of a project functionality

Option + Edit when project file is selected will delete it!


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Deep cloning of chains would be fantastic.



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Kickass release!


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bitcouver wrote:

Played this on BitcouverFM last night!

Y'all need to listen to it, repeatedly.

Thanks again! Was very cool.

godinpants wrote:

a good boy writing good tune.

Always a good boy™


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AtariTufty wrote:

Wow, this is great.
CD ordered after listening to the Eastern infused track 'Dancing On Our Disasters'.
Will be a welcome addition to my physical chiptune collection smile

Eyy, thank you very much! The cds are very pretty in real life!


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katsumbhong wrote:


Cheers dude!


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Kintsugi is a 10 track, full-length album filled with slow, aggressive and emotive LSDJ tracks (plus a little extra post production).
Mastering was done by none other than cTrix!

Give it a shot, you might be surprised.

Releasing Feb 11.
(Listening party here: https://www.facebook.com/events/350923945388560/


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I've got a new album coming out Feb 11, 2018!
Here's a little preview.

The Great Australian Barbecue Bash vol. 1 is a love letter to all things Australian. Great jams. Great friends. Stealing intellectual property. It's fantastic. So we all got together and decided to pay our homage to Australia in the best way possible.

Each artist interested in the project was assigned another Australian artist to cover. They could do whichever song they wanted, in whichever style the wanted. Free reign. These are the nuggets that came of this process.

This album is Pay-What-You-Want with the lower threshold being the price of FREE but any money made off of this project will directly go towards Square Sounds Melbourne 2018 and supporting Australian Chiptune music.


ART: Jamie Aisthorpe [aisjam]: aisjam.com.au
PROJECT LEAD & MASTERING: Callum Kennedy [Tuberz McGee]: www.facebook.com/TuberzMcGee/

Artists involved: Aday, aisjam, Alex Lane, Atomsmasha, Calavera, Catchinashes, Classic Mistake, cTrix, Godinpants, Heavy Viper, Jamatar, Neon Zenith, Pselodux/0f.digital, They/Them, Tiasu, Tom Foolery and the Family Jewellery, and Tuberz McGee.

Very cool!

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spacetownsavior wrote:

it just seems a little disingenuous when things like this are set up "for the love of it" while asking the musicians themselves to cover costs that pretty much every other label would front on their own, and THEN take commission off sales

it's gets even sketchier when you then go on to construe the costs as "negligible" because like, if they were negligible then it would be even easier for the label to cover them right?

good luck tho

Easy for a commercial label I am sure. Not for some guy making a handful of tapes in his living room.

It seems like you have an issue with getting past a particular idea of what a 'label' is in this context. Maybe I should rename the thread to: "UK Cassette Tape DIY Guy" so it is clearer.

Yeah, I think musicians here have a very hard-coded version of what the word "label" means, which seemingly is a bit different to what you're proposing. Calling it something else will help a lot I think, and take some of the heat off.


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Quick question.

Anyone know the difference between the DMG-04 cable and the DMG-04a cable?
Anything major? Looking to make an analogue sync cable for lsdj/volca and just wanna make sure there isn't any little differences that could screw me.


Would you normally pay someone 30 bucks for 50 hours of work (give or take)?
You really value our time less than a dollar an hour? Haha, let me show you the door.


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He's a mighty social lion, so...probably not.