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Yeah I thought so too.


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Hey man it's been a long time and I'll admit I barely wanted to listen to this album. I did listen to it and it was an overall decent experience. Nothing fancy or flashy though. It's just some kind of bleep bloop like you've sampled a nintendo right?


Here's some new music, I hope you'll enjoy it, I had a blast making it. Any comments welcome!





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Sorry double post


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Well they're all dead... Or so it seems. Is there any label left that release good chipmusic? I've been mostly listening to game soundtracks lately. Any suggestions?

Hi 4mat!

Yay! Thanks for the infos! I will try the .cfg trick. I did try GTUltra today, it's quite nice and has a lot of visual informations that is just not shown in GT (e.g. values for filter type / fx / pulse). It's also scalable, has different color scheme and support up to 4x sid chips. I might use it if I'm persistant enough to get back into GT.

Hoy hoy!

If anybody reeds this, is there a way to resize the goattracker window? My old eyes begs for a bigger window... I can't seem to find info about this.


Woop Woop!!!


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Feryl wrote:

I tip my metaphorical hat to the creator of Wall You Need Is Love

Hahaha thanks that was classy big_smile


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irrlichtproject wrote:

Well I'm broke but I bought it anyway because I think this is the best chip album of the last couple of years. Also because of fuckings to social media.

Whoa cool!


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Super excited to present to you my new album! I've worked really hard on it, and had a crazy amount of fun doing it. So yeah I thought I'd post it here since I don't know where else I can post it haha, and I suck horribly with social medias (fuck them).

Woop woop! Here you go! I hope you'll like it! If you're broke and you like it, just write to me I'll send you a download link!

Oh yeah It's perfect for a car ride and it has tons of bass (maybe too much...)

Cheers heart


A lot of people interested in chipmusic are also on twitter I think


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Must be in very good condition, any color, 1/8 prosound.

Write at: [email protected]



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Thanks a lot Mr SpookGoblin!!! This will get me going for a while!


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I would like to know how I could get in contact with game developers to make music. I've always wanted to do this, even before I started writing chipmusic. I don't know where to start or how to do it, so basically, I would need a kick in the ass. Can you guys share a bit of info or personal experiences about getting into making music for games? I will post something in the sticky, but there must be indie game forums or sites where I could get in touch with developers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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??? - Ultimate Collection