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Hey y'all! I recently put together this album mainly using ye old milkyracker, apart from some squares, triangles, sawteeth, sines and noise it's not SUPER super chippy so I'll gladly take this post down if needed, Just let me know. thank you for your time!
https://arealdandy.bandcamp.com/album/b … oying-that


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Benson and I are releasing a split as our way of apologizing for all the delays in the production of our full length album. We haven't forgotten about it!

https://timmyandtherobotband.bandcamp.c … band-split

Also, if you like the split of want updates on the full length you can follow us on fb

It's not as much as we actually wrote/intended to record, but I didn't want these last few tracks going to waste. Thanks to anybody who has liked our jams over the years. bye bye wink https://sludgemetalicecreamtruck.bandca … l-marriage


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@tetriseffect I ran my game it through a guitar amp and recorded it through the stereo mix on a Mac and used audacity for production which is different from track to track! smile will be adding the forgotten track today as well smile


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Thanks man I'm glad you like it. I might upload a track of two more I forgot so be sure to check back in later if that's something you're interested in


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even though I'm also A narcissistic chip artist fighting for attention


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If the sea of narcissistic chip artists fighting for attention isn't too beep and you found you had time I think it would be cool to chit some chats with anybody. https://timmyandtherobotband.bandcamp.c … ot-band-ep

So I released a bunch of songs that I hold close to my heart, but couldn't release anywhere but my super old solo project, that being said I hope you give it a chance despite the cheesy project name and over all have a good day. also I've updated the track list since the release so if you heard it and want another track or two there here now!

So my old band broke up a little bit ago (I'll post this link one more time for the folks in the back) http://sludgemetalicecreamtruck.bandcamp.com/

and now im doing this new thing http://timmyandtherobotband.bandcamp.co … ot-band-ep
and im having a good deal of trouble writing so i figured getting other peoples opinion on my current project and other peoples opinion on what i could do to improve might help. thank you for your time


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DeerPresident wrote:

Awesome! Go fuck yourself wink

Finally, somebody who gets it

This is it and before you start to think your opinion matters, I hate you all and don't care if you enjoy it
http://timmyandtherobotband.bandcamp.co … yler-vol-2

[edited-out-by-kitsch racist epithet] best be turnin up, ya hurd!?


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ok y'all I'm back



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I don't just like it, I like it more than that!

TSC wrote:



I agree