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oh god I don't understand! why!? WHY!?

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

We are. As long as its not a cd, we are.

no cds. cds so 90z

I figure we each make a song and art for it, send said songs to each other, release on our respective musical social media. keep it simple y'know? but I'm up for suggestions after all this is the collaborative process haha

Mrwimmer wrote:



aaroneow wrote:

I'd like to, but would it be like a split single? Also our stuff is a little different, but if you're cool with our difference in style I'd like to.
Bandcamp: http://x-coffee.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aaron-danger-patterson

Yeah I was kinda thinking a split single and difference is awesome man! also, Mr. Avalanche is an awesome song title + song!

Lets! ALL do splits!

split wif T.n'da R.B.B.? Yes? No? Maybe? I dunno.
we sound like dis http://timmyandtherobotband.bandcamp.com/ We'd be so jazzed if anybody was down!

Nursey wrote:

I like the "have fun and do what you feel like" philosophy of music production, and this has that feel to it. Did buy/10.

Dude Thanks a bunch! I never thought anybody would actually like buy our ep! I'm really flattered and really glad you liked it, man!

ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

Not enough chilled out chipmusic around.

agreed mane

herr_prof wrote:

Sometimes you get too focused on a way of doing something, and someone comes along and has a fresh take on it.. love the interplay of the guitar and chip melodies. Keep it up!

well I'm really glad you liked it dude. We're still trying to figure out our sound and this statement  has really given me personally a lot of reassurance that I'm going in the right things with this music stuff and for that' good sir I thank you!

Mrwimmer wrote:

Woah.  This seriously made my day.  This is awesome!!


herr_prof wrote:

Wow, really inspiring!

Thanks a lot man! You have no idea what it means to hear somebody call my music inspiring.

Yous guys are da best ;3

bitjacker wrote:

good stuff, man!

Thanks dude I appreciate it.

An album of shourt, guiraty, bassy, tappy, time signaturey, poppy, mathy. beaty, jams. It'd be really cool if any of you folks wanted to check it out! no pressure, k?
https://timmyandtherobotband.bandcamp.c … ot-band-ep


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Shirobon still exists