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Whatever you do, don't go to music school.



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I picture 90's Will Smith rapping to this and I love it

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This is a open discussion and we welcome your opinion.

A open discussion

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100th post


I'm a big fan of Hitlers chiptunes.

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i understand what your saying it just doesnt  jive with me that well. would we react the same way to a thread for gay chip artists, or if someone started an african chip artist thread. i guees its alright to be cuirous about those kind of things, but cm made a 6 page long thread listing all these female artists that may or may not want to be associated with being female before just being a dope musician and thats my main qualm with it. and to top it all off the op that was orginally curious has a cm.o history of her four post within this thread and was probably just wanting some attention and got it in what i find a rather cliche way. i made a post before that was mostly sarcastic in nature and when i saw boa's thread i just switched it out with a link to it cause i felt it made the same point.

First off, why do you feel the need to "correct" my nick name? There's a quote link below every post that gives you a quote tag with everything ready to go. And also, your keyboard most likely has a shift key. Use it.

Anyway. I think that's what it is. Curiosity. We as humans like to know something about the people around us. I think what you're saying about a tghread listing gay artists is the same thing as "that may or may not want to be associated with being female..." That is, stigma and prejudice. That's why people stay in proverbial closets. The gay closet, but on the internet often also the girl closet. People are afraid that other people will look down on them for being [attribute x]. In a world without the need for closets, this wouldn't be a concern.
I don't know which way a list like this affects things, but as long as it's genuine curiosity and in a positive spirit, I don't necessarily see the problem.

Flavor me fancy, but you really put the pants in panting!

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i find it offensive that there's a whole thread about female chipmusic artists exclusively and then when a male chipmusic artist thread comes up it gets graveyarded. sexism in chipmusic = not cool. mad

there is an international feminist conspiracy against male chiptuners, hide



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I wear pants.


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use more goat samples


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Anybody remember that Will Smith song Getting Jiggy With The Sickness?


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My band sludge metal ice cream truck has a new album coming out very soon


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It's me!


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Will Smith
Will Smith
Will Smith
Will Smith
Will Smith