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Anyone know what happened to Skinnyhead2000?

uh he goes by stinkbug, still makes stuff and can be found here;


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looking and sounding good!

what are the exports for this tracker e.g file formats?

I'd second pixitracker - it feels like real thought was put into how to easily make music with it, even on a phone. I wish there were more music mobile app with interfaces like this.

My only caveat with it is the lack of export options... would love either a midi or .it export to work on it elsewhere afterwards!

Device edit:

My devices were a samsung s2 mini and a galaxy s3 and it worked pretty good on both. I'd say with the s2 mini, the best setup was with 4 channels.

Yeah it will run on original hardware - they did a demo song a while back but there hasnt been news for a bit. Apparently ctrix demoed it at superbyte last year too?

I dont know much about whether snes music files (.spc files) can be easily inserted into a homebrew snes project, my advice is to make a test spc using one of the techiniques mentioned above and then if you have a project you want to insert it in. If you're looking to have sounds alongside music though (ie for in-game sfx etc) you may want to spare 1 of the 8 channels available for that.

Theres a guy on battleofthebits called kungfufurby who's pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the snes, try catching him on IRC some time smile He'd probs be able to answer the questions you have in more depth. … format%29/ gives some info on the snes sound capabilities, and the links at the bottom show how some people make music that can be played back by the snes.

One that isn't mentioned in there that is currently in development is a tracker, native to the snes, being worked on by ctrix and ferris. However, at the moment it is not available.

I used snesmod (an .it to .spc conversion tool) for the first time a month or so ago and it gave some good results. If you're used to tracking, especially in sample trackers such as openmpt, then that may be the best bet. I think the most recent version of that can be found here; … loads.html

Otherwise you have addmusick which is the Super Mario World music engine, and music is composed in an MML environment instead.

If you're not looking for 100% playback authenticity, then there are some VSTs for DAWs that mimic the limitations - I think one might just be called C700?

Good luck anyway


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All of the remaining formats for battleofthebits' annual Winter Chip competition got announced today (info here ---> … attleInfo/ ) . The AY/atari YM chip was one of the final chips announced, so I'm now going try making an AY song, using Vortex Tracker II.

I find this kind of thing is a good motivator to make songs, otherwise I just get lazy smile

jellicas done some pretty cool sid tunes - dont know if they export to sid or not or if they just make use of the sid chips.
Try out minimal bip by vim if you get the chance.
mch or michu tends to do some interesting stuff
If youre really stuck, theres that really long track by dane called  edge of disgrace , or at least, thats what the demo is called, haha.


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Words lost - amazing

Nice tutorial. There should be more of this kind of stuff out there. There's plenty that exist for famitracker but the more esoteric the tracker is, the less likely there is going to be video tutorials like this. Well done!

A ti-82 and all the necessaries is going to be the christmas present I give to myself this year smile
I'll let you know my findings when everything arrives etc.


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Now in the dying hours! Submit your tunes before 23.59 GMT or ..... or........ ill get back to you on that one!


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I thought it might be cool to collate together a list of users and musicians that do streams of making music. I don't personally stream but I've found that it's interesting and insightful to see how other people track their stuff.

If that is you or you know someone that does, perhaps you could add some details here!


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Getting something nice out of the PSG is super hard so I credit you for excelling in this - theres some interesting effects used here which at first glance made me think "how?", nicely done!


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plb; looking forward to your tune - loved the hangover one that went out lately!

Anddddd werrre open for entries!

It's that time again..!

FAMICOMPO PICO is back with a vengeance!
Theres a video of introduction for it here;

Famicompo is a nes-based music compeition with has gone through several iterations (famicompo, then famicompo mini vol 1 - 10, and now pico), with some historic entrants and entries. Perhaps you can form a part of nes music history!
It starts at bit earlier this year, on 1st November 2015 and ends 30th November 2015 (23:59 GMT - dont leave it too late!)

There are 4 categories that you can enter into;

- will all expansions permitted (including multiple), so long as its exports to NSF and is an original work.
COVER - same deal as above, but for producing covers instead! You can cover anything, though    don't get mad if your John Cage cover doesn't get much appreciation..

Last year the FREESTYLE format was introduced, and this year has been split into

- you can see where this is going right? Original works, which include the 2a03 somewhere obvious (real or simulated), and then after that its up to you! Use whatever DAWS, chips, trackers, fx, asm, w/e you like - submit as MP3 format.
FREESTYLE COVER - same as above, for covers - MP3.

Some asides;
- all entries need to be unreleased anywhere else, including in previous compos. Uploading your entries onto other places after results are out is fine of course.
- [DARK CREDO] After posting, keep traces of you making the song concealed until results are posted. We encourage you not to advertise publicly that you made so-and-so song, especially in a manner that shouts "OH HAY I MADE ENTRY NO. XX"
- re supernsf, overclocking and filesize - permitted, permitted and not capped respectively, but entirely at your own risk and at the mercy of voters (and their means of replaying back nsf files). Not really an issue in freestyle categories though!

Come say hello on IRC at #fcpico15 on espernet for further questions, hype, streams and the like!


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Don't know if this works w/ streamed music, but the principle is likely to be the same for if you're trying to record directly from the output of a computer's soundcard - in which case, I'd recommend audacity and record from stereo mix. It may be that your soundcard doesn't have stereo mix (mine didn't initially), there are all sorts of googleable/youtube stuff that show how to enable it, eg updating the sound driver - I can't recommend a single way of doing that though as it'll depend on your soundcard.