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https://garrisonpanyan.bandcamp.com/alb … m-summoner

I didn't intend to add any chiptune sounds or elements to this stuff when I started writing it, but once I began using FM instruments it kind of pulled me in that direction, although this isn't entirely pure chiptune. I was thinking of trashy rock, metal and EBM.


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It's been a long time, but I finally finished up making videos of these MilkyTracker chiptunes. Here's a playlist with all of them:

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE54 … WGqnjJiE9-


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I'm gonna be putting up some videos of my old chiptunes playing in MilkyTracker. There's only this one, so far:


I'll update this topic as I add more. You can download the XM files here:

https://modarchive.org/index.php?reques … uery=93149

Anyway, thanks for watching and listening!

Haha, what took so long? That's the guy who created the "Is chiptune gay?" thread, he was a super troll. The fact that he lasted so long is crazy. He made that thread about music theory too, which devolved into a bunch of bitching. Unfortunately, those are some of the most memorable threads I can think of!


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A winner is you!


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It's unclear to me if you're saying you want nothing to do with a laptop/desktop setup, but if those are okay for you, I'd recommend giving Renoise a try. It's not free but it's relatively cheap, and the free demo is basically fully functional, except for exporting songs and resampling. It's probably the most "modern" tracker out there, capable of loading VST's and such.

Renoise might be overkill if you just want to make chiptunes though, but I think Sunvox is a little overkill for just chiptunes too. Something like Milkytracker is probably best for just chiptunes, as it's pretty limited in most other areas.



Personally, I tried Sunvox a few times and really never clicked with it. I loved the individual instruments, like the FM synth and the Kick synth, but the workflow/interface and some aliasing issues with the higher pitched synth sounds kept me away. I haven't tried it in years though, maybe some of those issues have been changed or fixed.


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arlen wrote:
RatShack wrote:

I was thinking of doing a cassette release recently.

Geez, I thought blank cassettes would be cheaper.  Might need to buy some guy's tape collection to reuse.

For blank cassettes I'd check places like salvation army and thrift stores. Sometimes you can find a few packs of unopened tapes.

As for a release, I'd try to get as many of the same blank tape as you can just for consistency. Buying someone's collection would probably not be cheaper. Honestly if you want to put out a cassette release I'd talk to some cassette labels out there. There are plenty and chances are there might be one near you. Most of those guys are pretty cool and will answer questions better than I can.

I've been waiting for a cheap 4 track to pop up around me that isn't a pile of junk just to add some flavor to my stuff. I'm not really stoked about spending $200 on a busted tape machine, but for some reason a lot of people online think that's what their junk is worth unfortunately.

You can also use commercially released cassettes from back in the day. You just have to put some duct tape over the two empty tabs on top of the cassette. This disengages the write protect mechanism, allowing you to record over whatever was on there to begin with.

I've bought loads of cheap sets of books on tape, like ten tapes at a time, for a few cents, and then used the above method to record over them. There are plenty of pristine copies of "Prairie Home Companion" tapes just laying around at every thrift store to supply at least one or two DIY label releases.


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I can never get enough of these:

4Mat "Back Again"

My favorite chiptune to this day. I can't really explain why... it's one of the first I heard back when I started listening to this stuff, and it's really catchy. I also used to load it up into Milkytracker to see how he made it, and it gave me a new level of respect for the limitations of Amiga tracking (I'm pretty sure it's an Amiga mod).


Strobe and Ampli "Chipset Sunset"

This is also one of the first chiptunes I ever heard. It was in a compilation video of chiptunes in which each track's details (module type, channel number, size in kb) was listed. I thought ".XM" was some bizarre chipmusic programming language or something... this is when I was mystified by the whole process of making this music.


Joule and Ko0x "Caroline in Neon Hot Pants"

This one I first heard in a different compilation of chiptunes, when I was starting to get a handle on how to track, etc. So damn catchy! And the attention to detail in the phrasing of the lead instruments is great. Can't tell you how many times I've had this stuck in my head or broke into an acapella of the main melody.


There's so many others I love too...

Chill out guys, I read the article, there's literally no one in the world doing what he's doing right now.

Let's get some Hawaiians to eat the SPAM before it eats us.


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Finally coming to terms with Goat Tracker, playing through the original XCOM, working my way through only the X-Files episodes that deal with the overarching alien conspiracy.


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Listen to the NTSC and PAL versions of Time Trax, Music 00. I prefer the slower 50 hz version. Considering it's written by Tim Follin, who is in the UK, 50 hz is the speed it was actually composed for.

50hz PAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_IJYc9 … p;t=21m59s

60hz NTSC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_IJYc9t3vQ&t=0m1s

I don't know if the regional difference actually affects the composition process, though. Even my preference for the PAL version of Time Trax is just a personal thing, it seems from the comments on the video that many prefer the faster NTSC version, which sounds ludicrously fast to me.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Can anyone recommend to me some good SID musicians or tunes that aren't from C64 games? I've listened to all the game-related stuff already, the Hubbards, Tels, Galways, etc. I just downloaded the HVSC for the second time, the first time I had it I got bored just randomly searching through all these files, occasionally finding something really good but not often enough to make it worth the time.

Any style of music is fine, including demoscene tracks.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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Whoa, that Galway track is amazing! The filter work and the echo together sound great.

And the inclusion of the Plok solo brings the Tim Follin total to three. You want prog rock chiptune? Tim Follin's your man.