Sup guys, my name's Kuma, and for those of you new to the site, I'm a blogger, promoter, and gooftroop for Chiptunes=WIN that recently started a new column called "So You Wanna Make A Chiptune".  SYWMAC is an column that focuses on putting a spotlight on apps, programs, and hardware that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, as well as pointing out some that are definitely worth avoiding.

This first installment focuses on Tone Matrix apps, which are programs that work in a fashion similar to the synesthetic Yamaha synth known as the Tenori-on. 

Give it a read.  Whether you're a noob or a vet, this column might give you a sense of direction you've needed and may open your eyes to some new possibilities.

Thoughts and input are appreciated, so feel free to leave comments. I may not always respond, but I always read what you guys write, so feel free to express yourselves here.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy.

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here you go.  it just goes downhill from here.

So I'm not so active on here anymore, but apparently this thread is still considered active and not graveyard material, which I'm grateful for.

as such, if you'd be so inclined to do so, check out my latest interview with Pixel8ter, as we talk about his music, social anxiety (the glue of the chiptune community), and his upcoming monthly showcase dedicated to showing off new/lesser known talent: Electric Philly! … pixel8ter/

So I still do interviews, yeah, but I also do album reviews now, with a focus primarily on lesser known and up & cummers.

you can check out the first article here.  Or not.  It's up to you.  Either way, enjoy your weekend, guys. … s-round-1/

I'm all about the CREAM myself.

wtf is tables? is music?

I haven't seen you since you performed at blipfest. come back to new york, dood.

*walks in after months of inactivity* 

Hey guys, what's goin on over here! 

*looks around*

I'm glad to see nothing's changed.  big_smile

I might be able to, yeah.  send me a pm with links to all your pre existing music so I can do research stuffs

check out my latest interview with Star Fighter Dreams! … er-dreams/

still looking for roomies.  I've got a room booked at the downtown sheraton on north 17th street, which isn't very far from the church.  I've got a few good bros staying with me so far, and I'm looking for a bro orgy a la magfest, so the more, the sweatier (and, admittedly, cheaper). 

if you want in, pm me here, or, more reliably, on facebook.


addendum: furthermore, if you're going to philly from ny, I'll be going by megabus, so those who want in are more than free to journey with me.

Yo, everyone! check out my interview with bryface and don't forget to tune into Noise Channel Radio tonight for his album release party!

Also, check out Raw Cuts next week as I post my interview with Star Fighter Dreams! … 4-bryface/

e.s.c. wrote:

this topic seems silly and pointless...too many good labels to say any single one is best...

this.  I know I voted, but I do agree with this.


but I got love for all you fuckers. =]


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