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Piggy is easy and versatile, and maybe one day I'll go back to it.  but for now, it's tone matrix music and, hopefully soon, a Tenori-On white.

youtubers I know that have used chiptune:

During his playing of Ao Oni, PewDiePie used Chipzel's "Can't Stop Us"
Both StormBlooper and Chipocrite have been used on Continue?
Edit (addendum): oh and Mike Matei and the AVGN did something or other. 

...that's it.

nitro2k01 wrote:

You're a couple of years late.



CLON US.  I'm done.  I'm fucking done.

VCMG wrote:

Change feels weird.

does it feel warm and tingling inside? <.<

Is chiptune dying or dead?  Well, to quote Banksy: "I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time."  Considering we're still talking about it, I don't think it's dead.  But every joke rings with a bit of truth, and if there is any truth to the question, it's not so much dying in the sense of "never again" like its native americans we gave smallpox blankets to, but as was previously mentioned, the scene is simply changing.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Individuals grow, pursue different ventures, make friends, lose old ones, and these things all affect the things we love, including chip.  Cause, y'know, every new beginning is some other beginn-- DAMN IT!



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Dire Hit wrote:

You could blare shitbird through speakers all the time and record how fast you lose normal friends.

Feryl wrote:

I don't have Bookface. What are my options? How about Gmail chat or something?

G+ is fine.  yes I have a G+ and I actually use it.

Star Fighter Dreams wrote:

Sure why not....

I have you on Facebook so just pm you there?

sure why not.

sleepytimejesse wrote:

+1 for kuma, solid interviewer

thank you, jesse.

not an interview, but an album review I wrote up about PXL-WIN!  Big ups to Hoodie and Kilpatrick for editting and to SPRY for Mastering this baby.

http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/pxl-w … with-kuma/


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Jobs I've worked from first to current:
theater tech
contracting assistant
key frame artist
storyboard artist
script writer/editor
special projects coordinator
medical information This spam will soon be deleted
clerical supervisor

(note: that last 4 professions took/take place in the same place: a level 1 trauma center in NYC that was once rated the worst hospital in the country by consumer reports).

graduated highschool with honors in visual and literary arts
animation and cartooning undergrad at SVA (incomplete)
animation and storyboard training at Screen Arts Animation Studio (incomplete)
internship/hands on training at Schatmandu productions
Illustration at the Art Students League of New York
hands on training at a certain level 1 trauma center in new york city.

addendum: also blog for chiptunes=WIN and will soon be blogging for videogamedj and possibly for alphaomega radio as well.  hoping to turn writing into a more prominent part of my professional life.  public healthcare is a bitch.


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it really grinds my gears when my third nipple becomes noticeably erect through my clothing.


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I'm a nudist when possible.  mostly that means at home but if I can be nude even while in the company of others, I will be nude because fuck clothes.

hey...check this out...I did a thing... a BRKFest thing.  mmmmm...yeah....

http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/raw-c … fest-2k13/


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You and I are gonna have a lot of fun together.

But seriously, it's gonna be a good time.  Between the city itself, Rochester and Philly (which is really easy to get to from the city whether you're riding a bus, taking a train or driving there), you have a lot to look forward to in terms of a scene.  plus, we do sometimes get the west coast and euro guys out here to play, so it's a good time all around.

Furthermore, if you're going to be in or near the city come winter, you should be able to get to MAGFest really easily (your schedule permitting, of course). 

all in all, it'll be a good time, and there's a lot of love out here in the East Coast scene.

I'm curious as to what happened to I against me.  they have an EP on Cou Cou, and have some songs on soundcloud, but they havn't put up anything original for about 4 months and havn't really heard anything from them via cou cou since their last ep.  did they split up or are they secretly working on something new?