I like not having to do things.  its nice.

and BOOM! JUST LIKE THAT, NEW INTERVIEW!   This time it's with sleepytimejesse, as we talk about his chipmusic as well as the band he does synth goodness for: The Zou!  check it out!

http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/raw-c … timejesse/

I've already got roboctopus and electric children lined up in front of him, as while I mostly interview whomever I want, I also am asked from time to time to give priority status to certain people if we at chip win are helping to promo stuff related to things like album release parties and what not.  so those two will come out first, and I can probably squeeze tss afterwards.

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

i would do an interview if you have a specific format you'd like to follow. normally i dont do em too often because they can drag on but if you can interview in a format that allow me to give shorter answers, it would be a better interview. you can pm me here or email tempsoundsolutions at hotmail and we can set it up, maybe use skype or something.

in answer to your question, I'll quote part of what I said in my first post about this:
"  they're all done through facebook chat, as it's easiest to not only get a hold of people through chat, but also to transpose our conversation from text to word press prior to publishing. "

all my interviews are on facebook chat.  all of them.  no skype.  no email.  email takes too long, skype doesn't allow me to transcribe the interviews in a timely fashion.  I may make an exception if you want to use some other im/chat option, like yahoo im or aim, but otherwise, don't count on anything else.  part of the reason I do use chat functions for these interviews is that these chats allow people enough time to think of a response, but doesn't encourage them to take forever to make something sound good.  it's pretty much pure, natural conversation, which is what I try to go for in my interviews.  you don't over think it. just say it. 

now that doesn't mean I won't fix your grammar some, and that doesn't mean that I won't take out something if you say something you'd rather keep off the books, but essentially, raw cuts is called raw cuts because any editting I do is minimal.  it's about capturing the artist for who they are, not what they want people to think they are.  so chatting is preferred. 

bit wish wrote:

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The One Electronic wrote:

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Hey guys! I know you probably thought that Kuma guy probably died as he hasn't posted here in a while, but actually, I've interviewed a few people from here, already, and even though my work flow isn't always steady, I do put out. 

That being said, this is my latest interview.  It features Xyce.  Have fun reading the article and don't forget to tune into their listening party for their new album tomorrow!

http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/raw-c … ma-6-xyce/

Also, I'd like to add that the following interviews that I'll be posting are with sleepytimejesse (that'll probably be up next monday) and shanebro (that'll probably be up next thursday)

love and peace, and don't forget, you can reach out to me at facebook as well if you want an interview!  Ciao!

Kuma wants the things.  *noms on your head*

while not exactly a netlabel so much as it is a collective, Sunvox has a dedicated group for music made using the program on soundcloud.  while most of it leans towards other genres like ambient and nu wave, there are dedicated chiptune artists who use the program for chiptuning, as the program is essentially a combo DAW/tracker. 

In particular, I suggest checking out work by a guy named SolarLune: a semi secluded renaissance man who makes pixel art, videogames and chiptune.



Addendum: also, while i've yet to find a dedicated collective for it, there are sparse pockets of people who make chiptune using Org Maker: the program Pixel used to create the sound effects and music in Cave Story, which, in my experience, is actually rather intuitive, and has this really nice windows 95/98/00 feel.

roboctopus wrote:

I feel like this whole thread is secretly about how Sabrepulse doesn't really sound like anything I think of as "chipmusic" and recently announced on Facebook that he was thinking about starting a chipmusic tour.

I was not aware of that.  =O Kuma would go.

NationalBroadcastNetwork wrote:

Well I think because chiptune is, by nature, limiting that it's normal as a musician to want to experiment with other sounds and instruments. That's why I've always done hybrid chip. Every once in a while I just want to write something on a guitar, real drums, etc. I assume it's the same with everyone else. The limitations of chiptune are great, because they force you to be inventive within' their confines. But every now and again, you're really just going to want to play some stoner metal.

I agree with that entirely, and examples of people who fall into the same category are abundant.  That's not to say chip by itself isn't worth sticking with or can't stand on its own, but I feel for the people who do love chip but branch out to others things because they want to explore what else is out there (as opposed to chasing fads) is analogous to allowing a sketch artist who's worked primarily in technical pencils to pastels or whatever other medium they prefer.  If they choose to intertwine the mediums, so be it, cause that's even better for us as a whole.  and if they choose to leave it altogether, then at least we had a good thing with them for a little while. 

although I do have to say, in relation to what Monotron said, I do have say that I don't see pure chip as often as I do chip hybrid, and I think after having spoken with guys like DJ Zircon (not to be confused with Zircon from OCRemix) and Decktonic, there are also people who really technically define themselves or are defined by the public as a genre other than chip (such as Industrial or EDM respectively in the two examples I brought up), despite the fact that they themselves feel most at home with chiptune as community than any other scene.  That's fine, too.  But jumping from scene to scene for the purposes of fame or a quick buck as opposed to a certain level of artistry is a bit shameful (although I will give some leeway to the people who define themselves a little more strictly as DJs than anything else, as its sort of the nature of the beast to follow trends, even if you're a genre specific DJ).

DataFix wrote:

I'd love an interview, and are always down for one!

also, it just occurred to me that you're from corpus and you're in chip but your name is kloudy girl and that just blows my mind cause I thought she was alone out there.

Although I mentioned earlier in the thread that I interviewed Dire Hit, it only just got through the editor and was ok'd for publishing, so without further ado, here's my interview with our lil scoundrel, whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for not only being a fan but for pestering me enough to get back into the game after a little hiatus from the gig.

http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/raw-c … -dire-hit/

Calavera wrote:
Kuma wrote:

Chiptune, both the music and the community, saved my life when I was on the verge of suicide after a horrible string of events, most notably being left by my ex-fiance for another man.  that was painful.  fortunately, a friend reached out to me and invited me to Blipfest 2012, which was not only my introduction to chiptune but where I met my good friend I helped get to MAGFest, as well as many of you.  In that festival, I found myself and a reason for living, and have since dedicated my free time to enjoying this community and giving back to it.

Man, that's some powerful stuff right there! I'm really glad you found chipmusic. I hope you let your friend know he potentially saved your life!

I think he knows.  He's an obscure one.  doesn't like talking about serious things and doesn't like seeing his friends said.  he'll never directly address any problems we have, but if he somehow senses one of us is down, he comes around to us and picks us up, then kinda disappears for a year and then reappears during the next big event we all decide to go to, like MAGFest or New York Comic Con.  He's the best, though.  A lot of you guys are. =3

as per my other bros and acquaintances here who have asked for interviews, please pm me what days and times you're usually free and I will get back to you asap.  I'm taking these requests for interviews in chronological order, so when its your turn, I'll let you know.  thank you very much for your support and cooperation. 

I'd also like to thank Br1ght Pr1mate for vouching for me and complimenting my beautiful, bald head, which is clearly indicative of both my blackness and my psychic powers.

katsumbhong wrote:

I do video interviews.

ooooh! I'd love to see your work!  big_smile

Since a colleague and occasional editor of mine (Kilpatrick) has a thread dedicated to album reviews (both posting the reviews he's done and receiving requests for albums to review) I suppose I'll start a thread related to what I do.

Aside from assorted artist and track break downs I do for ChipWIN, my main draw for the blog is artist interviews.  Thus far, I've interviewed SKGB, Decktonic, Compy Core, Jay Tholen, and the next one to be released is Dire Hit.

These interviews are pretty easy to do and are relatively fun.  I do them as a way of getting to know people better in the scene as well as helping them to promote their work to a wider audience.  they're all done through facebook chat, as it's easiest to not only get a hold of people through chat, but also to transpose our conversation from text to word press prior to publishing. 

If you'd like to be interviewed--especially if it's in conjunction with a new album release or in promotion of an event you'll be performing at--feel free to leave a message here in the thread or pm me to inform me that you would, as well as what days and times you're available, as I work a rotating weekend schedule, and I can't always get to people on weekends.

Here's looking forward to getting to know you better.


samples of my work:

http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/raw-c … decktonic/

http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/raw-c … ompy-core/

http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/raw-c … ay-tholen/