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Week #29| d_strct - C.H.B.M.D.
The third track of this month is from the incredible d_strct!


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Week #28| Abandoned On Fire - Ritual Begin
For the second track of this month we are very excited to be presenting to you an incredible track from Datathrash's very own Arnie Holder, aka Abandoned On Fire!


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Week #27| Wizwars - Chip. Thrash. Music.
We are very excited to announce that this month's Weekly Treats are being curated by the incredible Datathrash Recordings! Kicking it all off with a stupidly good chipthrash track from Wizwars!


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Week #21| 8bit Rex - Tokyo Police Chase
Gritty high energy sounds from an upcoming Pxl-Bot family member!


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Week #19| Kommisar - Epsilon 5150
This week we bring you a high energy track from Pxl-Bot veteran, Kommisar!

NTWRK Mixes #02| Vegas Diamond's Blaze It® Mix
"Closely following up from the first, we are pumped to present to you the next of NTWRK's mixes, brought to you this time by Vegas Diamond. Having released with us previously on The Waveform Generator, Vegas Diamond brings a brand new mix packed with punchy kicks, gritty synths and heaps of $wag. Get down with and enjoy this 30+ minutes of high impact music. #420blazeit"
Grab the mix here


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Week number 6 and are welcoming µCollective as this months curators, starting things off with an incredible track by Awesome Force.
Week #06 | Awesome Force - One-Zero-Seven


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Returning again to Pxl-Bot, we are very pleased to be bringing you a brand new release from The Hamlet, The Tower.

Packed full of more of the sweet, beautifully written melodies that are to be expected of The Hamlet, The Tower is ten tracks of brilliance. Telling it's story as you ascend the floors of a mysterious, possibly long forgotten tower. Each track spins its part of the tale as you climb, giving the album an incredible atmosphere, conjuring feelings of exploration and discovery as well as every so often a slight feeling of unease and apprehension, found lingering in the shadows. All of this ultimately culminates in another outstanding release from the Hamlet!

Grab it here!


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We are very pleased to announce the return of Kommisar on Pxl-Bot, bringing with him an incredible brand new album, Cosmic Phantasm.

A follow up to Reimu Plays LSDJ, Kommisar's first release with us, Cosmic Phantasm builds upon everything great about that prior album, resulting in an incredibly well written and produced collection of songs. Strong, driving beats and incredibly catchy melodies draw you into each track, pulling you along on the ride as each song shows off its own distinct sound and personality. With every one of the nine tracks a perfectly crafted piece of art, this album will have you dancing for its entirety. Don't miss out, get it now!

http://www.pxl-bot.com/2014/01/pb086-ko … ntasm.html


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Week number two with Ubiktune and we've got a fantastic track from composer, arranger and keyboardist Yoann Turpin!
Listen or download it here!


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The final track of the year is coming! However due to the holidays it has been ever so slightly delayed. Coming instead this weekend, it is definitely worth the wait!

Also a quick reminder that the competition to be part of next year's roster is still running on MicroCollective. It closes on the 31st, so make sure to get entries in before then!
Full details here


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Making a debut appearance on Pxl-Bot, we are very pleased to be bringing you the latest from Calavera.

Packed with energy right from the start, Gentlemen's Swing is nothing less than dance inducing. With a beautiful funkiness mixed with other more modern dance elements, each track stays distinct and memorable with catchy melodies that manage to firmly lodge themselves in your head. As well as each track holding it's own, the release as a whole manages to stay cohesive throughout, and although relatively short, at only 4 tracks, it certainly packs a punch. So make sure not to miss this.

http://www.pxl-bot.com/2013/12/pb085-ca … swing.html


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Week #43 | KODEK - ((((O____O))))
Grab the track here and the interview here!

Making a second appearance on Pxl-Bot, Falling For A Square brings with him a, quite simply, beautiful new album.

Described by Falling For A Square as a mini recording focusing on heart strings, heartbreaks, death, truth, commuting and crushes of long ago, "1996. Forever." is a journey through the nuances of love and life, portrayed with perfect execution. Emotions are woven around wonderfully crafted melodies, emerging in each track and pulling you into the story being told, as well as immersing you in a world of your own memories. The already strong atmosphere is strengthened further by the mixture of guitar and vocals with more standard chiptune, bringing with it intoxicating depth, character and life. With mastering by Brian Slusher and artwork by Andrew Gleeson, we proudly release this must-not-miss piece of emotively strong chip.

Get it here!
http://www.pxl-bot.com/2013/10/pb084-fa … rever.html


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Week #38 | Kool Skull - Booty Toast
Grab the track here and read the interview here!


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Week #36 | Poisoncut - Hidden Legacy
Grab the track here and read the interview here!